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"Campus loan" chaos survey: college students due to their inability to repay high borrowing Dutch act in recent years, a variety of "campus loan" advertising is full of University campus. This loan, the main low interest rate audit fast, attracting a large number of college student loans. Some students, however, have paid a heavy price for their loans. In early October this year, Guangxi university students in Nanning Lu to do business in the name of the students to borrow about 1600000 yuan, but 900 thousand yuan to repay gambling, leaving a suicide note this also causes social Dutch act, once again focus on campus loan. In October 9th, Lu made a message in the QQ space, said about 900000 yuan to find their own classmates borrow, because of his gambling gambled, he had a dead. News spread among friends and family in the small land, fried pot. According to statistics, small land respectively in the mobile phone and reselling tickets, staging cash resale and other reasons, find hundreds of single loan amount ranging from one thousand or two thousand yuan to 300 thousand yuan, a total amount of about 1600000 yuan. Small family is good, the usual life than the general college students a lot of luxury. Because see the Little Miss Lavish, believe him well to make money, many students from various lending platform on borrowed money, to take care of small land. Xiao Shen is one of them. He told reporters that his monthly living expenses will be 1200 yuan, usually can not save money, small land will let him from the network lending platform, phased out. Small students in College: high returns lured me, let me continue to borrow from the platform inside out. At first, each of the repayment, Xiao Lu will make money on time to Shen, until that Lu’s death, small Shen panicked, he through the net loan platform and borrowed nearly 300 thousand yuan for small land. Today, the net loan platform on how to repay the money owed, it became a big problem. The same thing with Xiao Shen, and Xiaojuan. Xiaojuan said that this year, she borrowed 13000 yuan from the platform of the network loans of $2, the loan to the money she gave all of the land used for investment, and now, these debts but also to her own. Coincidentally, in March this year, Henan college students Jeong to 28 students in the name of net loans 589 thousand and 500 yuan, for soccer gambling failed, finally unbearable pressure on the road to ruin, the end of his 21 year old life. After the matter was reported by the media, causing strong concern about the campus loan. The majority of students with loan consumption campus loan to the students to provide a separate from the family, but it can easily get a lot of cash platform, it was quickly sought after by college students, but also a trap. Associate professor of economics at Career Technical College, Wenzhou science and technology Chen Xiaoming: Students’ lack of credit among students is second, third is the lack of repayment planning, student borrowing purpose is unknown, some students do not loan, in order to meet the basic needs of daily life, and is used in some high-end consumer goods consumption. During the interview, more than half of the students said they had heard or used the campus loan, and the loan is also a variety of projects. College Students: girls are clothes and so on, the boy is to buy equipment, some boys like to play photography (equipment).相关的主题文章: