Cai Yingwen cut 7 days off the impact of the youth group of the Democratic Progressive Party headqua

Cai Yingwen had 7 days off more than and 40 youth groups impact the Democratic Progressive Party headquarters – Sohu news observer network [the sun] meeting upstairs, downstairs protest! Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen yesterday (12 days) will open in the DPP party downstairs, youth groups holding banners protesting, criticized the new government on the mouth and said to the young stand together, but now cut 7 days off, said a. The DPP also sent the young director Huang hand reached interview, but "skipping" (Taiwanese, said stumped, repeating a word – the observer network note) answer angered people, pushing the outbreak site of conflict. Youth groups said they did not rule out a greater resistance to the Legislative Yuan in October 23rd. Comprehensive Taiwan media reports, "insisted on cutting Xiaoying false, youth full of war!" Cai Yingwen decided to complete a case with a "repair method to before the end of the year, student groups believe that the Cai Yingwen administration insists on Labor Day holiday seven cut, only in profit capitalists, cut young migrant workers salary in more than and 40, a youth group today to protest the Democratic Progressive party. Taiwan more than and 40 youth groups to the Democratic Progressive Party, the picture from the media, the same "bucket youth industrial reserve army" on behalf of Zheng Zhonghao said, cut seven days off will affect the youth labor rights, Zheng Zhonghao also cited Cai Yingwen’s Double Tenth speech said, Cai Yingwen said, "to improve youth situation, is to improve the situation in Taiwan, but the government is still determined to cut seven Cai day, take seven days off as a political tool to exchange with the capitalists, compromise. The young migrant workers, "national holidays" that can get double wages, now cut seven days a year, will lose more than ten thousand yuan (NT, about RMB two thousand yuan). Taiwan News Agency Zhao Zhenchen said that the DPP government cut seven days off, with the capitalists applauded, please don’t leave the DPP youth Guazaizuibian, don’t forget most of them support the DPP youth. Taiwan Normal College Students high Xiangyu said his 1.5 work study students, weekend to work eight or nine hours in order to cope with the cost of living, "national holidays" can get two times the salary, a great impact on the young people. DPP did not think for the youth, the young man’s liver was taken into GDP. "Taiwan electrical and electronic information industry union secretary general Lin Mingzhe said, seven days off and did not put a lot of people said that the technology industry, the seven days have past, just bring it to do labor elastic vacation for seven days, the amount of his platoon every year. Taiwan funded trade unions statistics last year, nearly half of the technology companies in response to this policy, the seven days of elastic vacation removed, so cut off these seven days of false decisions on the impact of labor. Site map secondly, Lin Mingzhe said, Cai Yingwen said the government should increase the junior workers to cut off, the seven day holiday compensation, but they are different in nature, as long as the country can not break off to work. In addition, the increase of shallow labor four days off half a day, but cut off the country for seven days, false, which is more than seven and four, this simple mathematical problems, to when the president know? Before the election and called for all labour stood together with the DPP, should face their own".相关的主题文章: