Business services agreement granted Tmall medicine incorporated Ali health

Service agreement approved Tmall into Ali Ali health ecological health medicine Phoenix Technology News September 12th news today, Ali held a special meeting of the shareholders of health in Hongkong, signed the agreement on the health service and a Tmall Ali vote and duly passed. That night, Ali Health announced, "director Ali Health Information Technology Co. Ltd. will be pleased to announce, the company has held the extraordinary general meeting on September 12, 2016, the date for the August 26, 2016 special general meeting of shareholders contained all the resolution at the meeting by way of voting duly passed." Announcements, to shareholders with 100% of the vote by the bill, from now on, Ali health will provide a full set of outsourcing and value-added services for Tmall Medical Museum, to assist the development of its Tmall healthcare business fee. In service, Ali will be fully integrated Tmall Health Medicine Museum related business, its behind Taobao users and members complete access to Ali has health of the layout of the health care network, chronic disease management and medical O2O services, upgrade their business model, set up a complete business closed loop.相关的主题文章: