Business scope why do you always wear the big to spread the goods

Business scope: why do you always wear on the big goods stall people always bored "how to (Amoy) booth (PO) goods out of the big wind" to spend the least money, the most out of grade effect. However, today the main fan to act in a diametrically opposite way, do not take the unusual way, we study how to spend the most money, out of the most low to spread the goods out of the big wind. * reminder: love, do not pay attention to details, arbitrary collocation clothes are always wrinkled low aura pals, please take your "spread the goods together to accept the baptism of the main fan! The first step || change his "aura" out of the big thing to spread the goods actually a little difficulty. However, some people ", with a momentum of a born beauty" overlord, how much money the brand wore the second low, which makes the main fan envy. ? – of – Guo Degang gas bursting stall if we selected stall, Mr. Guo to battle, that no one would dare the spicy. This Givenchy leopard shirt, wear on the model is "the embodiment of fashion, sexy, like" wear; Guo body, is domineering, Hao Qi, rustic "the best explanation. Wearing a big sunglasses, with a warped, please fan friends up the brain a "leopard shirt, a 50 yuan, do not miss passing through it? – many confident of stall – Zhang Jie another" destroy big stall "is Zhang Jie. The combination of urban and rural from out of the catch Cha put on this boy, Sanit Launt Leopard Coat, turned to the dance hall the brightest star, yiyanbuge jump jump High thunderbolt, the style is more spicy eyes down my fork to the delta! So I want to spread the goods out of the big fan of friends, we should always go to the grassroots, feel connection with the earth, we cannot change Yan value, it can also change the aura, let the "soil" to every cell in the body. The second step || exposed their weaknesses to solve the major premise of gas field, the next challenge is to understand yourself, and give yourself the courage jieduan". A short neck, I want to wear a big belly; I want to wear tights, want is that "willful" pleasure. One of the Deng Ziqi? – – as a bravado beauties shine on stage, Deng Ziqi in life also have become the dominant party in the stall goods. A full of heroic spirit Burberry short windbreaker, two exquisite and cylindrical objects of strong echo’s, like most of the 200 yuan a piece to spread the goods. Take a small stool, spreads the hand luggage, ready to open. ? – more of stall – Huang Xiaoming and said Burberry windbreaker, Fanzhu immediately thought of another stall, yellow. This is a classic trench coat, wearing a guru who does not show the original cool hanging fried days. In shoes, jeans and a large backpack against the background, like a weak senior high school students, trying to use high imitation brand-name copycat windbreaker to compensate for the lack of self-confidence is not tall. This kind of相关的主题文章: