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Bob Dylan is a golfer? In Scotland, the purchase of golf real estate Golf Digest has reported Bob – almost 17 of sina sports news Beijing time on October 13th news on. Bob – (Bob Dylan) won the 2016 Nobel prize in literature, which may be contrary to the expectations of many people. But what’s more, he’s actually a golfer. The following is the 2007 famous golf writer Ron selak (Ron Sirak) is a column written by ESPN, discusses the relationship between Bob and Dylan golf. Now we know why Dylan, who was so vivid as to express the anger and anxiety of the 60s of last century, can write such a profound lyrics: because he is a golf player in the world of the year of the year of the year of the year of the Great Britain in the late 19th century, in which he was able to write the words of anger and anxiety in the last century, which was written by Bob. Who can understand the grand aspirations and suffering of the human soul better than the man who tests his courage on the golf course? Perhaps we will never know when you call him a man before he left many road, but at least we know he is wearing soft spikes. I don’t believe that Dylan is the golfer like drama, until I have seen evidence of recent evidence suggests that he may play the ball, and it was recently found in the Scottish Highlands he Hussein Furness (Inverness) when the intermediate zone and Aberdeen’s house. Dylan purchased in the village of (Nethy Bridge) manor includes 10 bedrooms. And there’s a nine hole golf course nearby. The phrase "Dylan – golfer" sounds like the character, isn’t it? Like Morgan goat, Morgan is actually Welsh, Dylan – Thomas (Dylan Thomas) is the same, Robert – Alan Zimmerman (Robert   Allen Zimmerman) borrowed his name. But the rumors said, see Dylan like see Nessie as difficult in the links, but not proven they do exist. In fact, when the "Golf Digest" to put Dylan sixty-third 100 best music Golf rankings, they say his handicap is 17, but the magazine also includes an asterisk and an imploring, "if you see Dylan playing golf recently, so please call us." Dylan, who is 65 years old, lives near Malibu, but USGA’s record shows that people in California called Mr Dylan did not. However, a man named Robert Zimmerman who is almost 17.1, and a man named Bob Zimmerman (Bob Zimmerman) who is almost 22.8. I guess even Zimmerman really play, he did not announce the results. There is not enough evidence to prove that Dylan played. Let’s see what we have now. Dylan and his brother David used their family name, Zimmer, to buy a house in Scotland for $4 million 300 thousand. Only)相关的主题文章: