BMW official certification of second-hand car Appreciation Day at the

BMW official certification of second-hand car Appreciation Day at station in October 28th, BMW in the unique fashion taste and fantastic color of ceiling curtain, officially certified used car business start-up strategy to upgrade to "BMW MINI official certification of second-hand car" new image and standard, provide more reliable products and services for customers to honor. The upgrade strategy aimed at strengthening the "official certification" scarcity value, to further improve the testing standards and service level, and constantly optimize the customer brand experience, to create a Chinese market for the most recognized brand certified used cars. BMW (China) Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. President Dr. Liu Zhi said: in the past ten years, we have witnessed BMW certified used car business as a benchmark to continue to lead the industry forward. Today, we should take the past successful experience as a solid foundation to start from the product, services, channels, personnel training, etc.. We believe that there is great potential for the Chinese second-hand car market will provide ample space for BMW certification of second-hand car; we also believe that the strategy after the upgrade BMW MINI official certification of second-hand car will continue to maintain a leading position in the market, provide the most excellent products and service for customers, once again set a new benchmark for the industry." Official certification: such as new quality, service upgrades for ten years, BMW official certification of second-hand vehicles adhere to strict vehicle screening criteria: car age of not more than 6 years, mileage of less than 120 thousand km. In the absence of major accidents and structural damage under the premise, the vehicle must also pass the BMW 360°, a full range of professional and technical testing. The upgraded BMW "official certification" means BMW or MINI second-hand car second-hand car will be unified with the official professional testing standards as a guide, the official unified value-added services as the basis, the official warranty service, and the official customer service as the auxiliary conditioning technology. By strengthening the direct investment and commitment to further enhance the customer’s trust. This is the product of "quality" as a guarantee, but also the cornerstone of expanding customer base. Under the guidance of the new strategy, BMW official certification of used car service content upgrade again. The second-hand car will enjoy the same new customer service service, its coverage to further expand the scope of all the official BMW certified used car will enjoy unlimited mileage for at least 12 months of the original warranty, warranty coverage, use system, processes are consistent with the new car; new free and new car accident rescue service is consistent, and customers in the BMW 4S shop service experience will be new and consistent. In order to let customers peace of mind, second-hand car, second-hand car BMW official certification commitment to customers 7 days free to return, due to quality problems in the return does not charge any fees; moreover, BMW also offers a series of genuine goods at a fair price and value-added services for our clients: the value of 1598 yuan a year "BMW connecteddrive" butler service, including the most popular real-time traffic information and travel advisory services; navigation map free upgrade. In order to reduce the cost of car customers, BMW is also designed to provide the vehicle after the protection of long Yuet maintenance services, 3 years of age to enjoy more than 12 years of basic maintenance services of the preferential treatment, 7 years:相关的主题文章: