Between you and fashion, just a sleeve (video) g-area meru

Between you and the fashion fine, just a "sleeve". Shortly before Mr. F to introduce some new type of collar, today to talk about the sleeve pattern, a taste of arm style ~ trumpet sleeve sleeve definition refers to the sleeve shape and horn shape like sleeves, cuffs rhythm big men when there’s a wind clear, somewhat like a flower in full bloom when the magical effect of this charming ~ cuff obviously, simple black and white color dress in contrast to a mini trumpet sleeve under a fashion is not less interesting. A T-shirt + dress has bad street, a small design adding point trumpet sleeves, instantly it ~ and the talent shows itself bigger and exaggerated shirt collar style, not wearing a button wide cuffs are also like a trumpet. The fashion circle has always been unwilling to do so immutable and frozen trumpet sleeves, was also added more interesting small elements, more watchable. For example, at the root of the horn to add a little romantic lotus edge. Or hit the color edges ~ and like to trumpet at the root node with a cute design. A long ribbon, give a person a kind of fairy illusion is also very special, fine fashion is not serious, flicking out trumpet sleeves, looks thin this art RETRO is below Giovanna Battagli and Ming in the more three-dimensional crisp horn turtleneck has several points of drama retro elegant wind. The difference compared with the lantern lantern sleeve cuff sleeve is the lantern sleeve cuffs shrink sleeves, making a lantern shaped up. Which one of a release, a reserved a publicity, each with their own unique place. Fluffy brown and dark green powder with a sense of touch on the sleeves of the air dull quiet, impeccable sense of blowing retro art. Fashion illustrator Jenny Walton in the 2017 spring and summer fashion week during the show to wear two styles similar to the trumpet sleeve printed shirt. For the most simple white, becomes gentle romantic many small design people have a horn sleeve through the back of Vitoria during the period of illusion to catch a full sense of design in feminine dress, but also the modern sense of the city. But this kind of bubble up from the shoulder and stiff fabric styles, small does not suggest that you choose, like exaggerated shoulder pads, Xiaobian don’t appreciate this super ~ long sleeve sleeved brainwork.what know what style, long sleeves with China in traditional Beijing opera costumes "long sleeves" really there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results long sleeves, like a lot of hidden feelings to go to talk, give a person a kind of like singing drama fun. Super long sleeved shirt can be said to be one of the most popular styles of shirts in the long sleeve, law-abiding embellishment, become many playful elves. It is so wet so chic, so many people love, so many people wear long sleeve ~ and the same trend of sweater, sweater industry leader, fashion degrees it said second, what style would dare to say first? The shape of Yang Guo Brokeback fashion icon tested, but also have to say that the ultra long sleeved sweater let girls become more lazy sultry, profile clothing for protection will become more petite stature, fully stimulate you to knit male ticket ~ how sweet weakness, little not to put a foot high ~ ~相关的主题文章: