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Beijing City, the first mall with AED– Beijing channel — original title: the city’s first shopping mall with AED newspaper news (reporter Ye Xiaoyan) this morning, a small orange officially in u-town Plaza layer service station "installation", the cupboard is a AED device, Chinese automatic learning external defibrillator. The first automatic external defibrillator on public places, this is the city’s shopping malls. In June 29th this year, Jin Bo, deputy editor of the 34 year old Tianya suddenly fell on the Metro Line 6 on the platform, although there were passers-by to lend a helping hand, but because no AED is available, when emergency personnel arrived Jin Bo has died. To this end, Dunfee and other public and Chinese social welfare foundation co sponsored the "heart awakening" fund dedicated to cardiac arrest in emergency rescue equipment including AED installed in public places, the establishment of a special emergency system for sudden cardiac arrest patient service. U-town Plaza official told reporters, last month, had a pregnant woman suddenly production at the mall Restroom, fortunately, a guest is a doctor, get involved with birth, children and adults are not dangerous. Because of this matter, when the heart wake up fund and leisurely Tang Plaza to discuss landing AED equipment matters, the mall is very pleased to agree. At present, there are more than 20 stores security and operations personnel to receive the first aid skills training and AED training. "Wake up" Fund staff Guo told reporters that since July this year launched the fund, as of now a company donated 20 sets of AED equipment, in addition to Beijing u-town Plaza landing a fund in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Hangzhou and other places have Changsha, landing equipment. At present, the "wake up" fund is and some people crowded places in Beijing, hoping to install AED equipment. J224 (commissioning editor Yin Xingyun and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: