Beauty is said to be 100, why do they look thinner than 3 shiyang

Beauty is said to be 100, why do they look thinner than 3? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! It’s really good news lately! Such as "Yi Zhuan" shooting, "Ode to joy" is the shooting. Drama shortage of mud sprout is not impatient? But there is a period of time from the broadcast. However, you can look at the small shellfish are "bankruptcy sisters"! When it comes to bankruptcy sisters, Xiao Bian very sad. This Max obviously fat, how in the lens is so beautiful! Max actor Kate Daris you see max, rounded arms, thighs, even so thin black color can wear a crowded feeling. However, watching the drama and feel that she was so beautiful, and not so fat, why? Bankruptcy sisters small stills see light suddenly observed many stills, suddenly found, let the fat Max looks slim is the secret of face! Look at this face thin stills, if only to see the face, Max and Caroline should be about to see the body weight, however you will find many fat than Caroline max. Face is really the secret ah! How fat, my face, I don’t care! Do not care about the fact that the secret of this female star is more than a max oh! A few days ago just boasted to dominate the extra baggage sector Hua Fei goddess is. Five songs of joy to see the United States and the United States and the group photo, five faces are so small. But can you imagine which hides a plump beauty? Photo of Hua Fei goddess with someone of the same box, although in the extra baggage sector, but with a face, thin on the two circle of students! Because people face more beautiful, some people suffer because of face. Anne Hathaway and Ni Ni Ni Ni has been a very thin actress in people’s minds, however, and Anne Hathaway? Stand together, but is all bigger than Anne Hathaway one. It’s all because of the face! Ni Ni is thin, but the face is bigger than Anne. Shocked Xiaobian that once the extra baggage sector, to face this trick using the most skilled to Fan Bingbing. The fat Fan Bingbing never wear pants, attend any activities are dressed in a skirt, but mostly with sleeves. Fan Bingbing in this photo, Fan Bingbing wearing a red lace dress, skirt covered the waist and thighs, long sleeves and covered the arm. Just leave a face, let a person feel very thin, like Ting Zhang next to be roughly the same. However, that is Fan Bingbing’s weight is nearly 60 kilograms, much heavier than Ting Zhang! Oh Fan Xiaopang with a face, successfully entered the ranks of boney beauty, both together with who, let a person feel she is the thinnest! Now the photo of Fan Bingbing from the extra baggage sector successfully, the United States, strive for further improvement. The fat woman who is eager to see the dawn, also want to quit, the extra baggage sector? However, LA’s hard work to lose weight, while not thin down at one thirty. However, the first mud can be thin face down ah! The face is king ah! 19 year old New York.相关的主题文章: