Bayern 8000 has long louqie million new aid brother step 104 world wave cover (video)-super bass

Bayern 8000 has long louqie million new aid brother step 104 wave of the world [collection] Bayern 3-1 cover win Lavon Alonso Ribery scored assists in cap Sanchez sports news September 18th Tencent continue to lose if not seen Renato Sanchez in the European Cup, it is hard to believe that this is a total price could reach 80 million euros in super nova. The couple are allowed to make mistakes, that’s true, but Sanchez’s performance in Bayern is very difficult to make it with the European Cup on the young together, because of his battle Ge Shi tut thoroughly louqie, thanks to big brother Bayern fig…… This season, Sanchez injured more early as Bayern played the first game is the second round of the League at Schalke 04, lineup to Sanchez and Geleicika para, results when the wheel has become the only Schalke will lose all NBA players, Sanchez gave the opponent as can be imagined how much space. The battle Rostov, Bayern No. 35 bench played 20 minutes for Bayern, leading a large margin, also did not give much miss Sanchez. The Bayern battle for Geshitate, Sanchez only played 45 minutes and was replaced by Ancelotti, Ancelotti is not quick advocate, so change much as can be imagined little bad. Bayern’s first goal came from Sanchez in front of the ball, the most puzzling is lost the ball after Sanchez did not return to crazy chase, people can not help but fall into a reverie: Munich is not the rain reminded Sanchez of homesickness? Or the affected area still aching? In today’s Sanchez and the European Cup on the Portuguese midfielder this far. Only 45 minutes before the game, Sanchez had 4 key and lost the ball, but Lavon’s equaliser from the backcourt planning, in addition to the Portuguese midfielder no contribution. Anyway, after all, Portugal and Bayern are not the same, which in the European Cup, the Portuguese midfielder weak strength, opponents always pressure on a large scale, and Croatia and Welsh Sanchez frequent long-distance raid is back to space. In Bayern, few rivals in the backcourt, dare to army always Tun heavily guarded, Sanchez at the long-distance raid to start from the middle. As it happened, the campaign coincides with Ancelotti rotation, Kimich and Martinez repeatedly composed of temporary line failure, two bench backs also suck, then amplified Sanchez arrhythmia. "Picture" and the "Munich daily" to Sanchez played the lowest score, "Bild" said: "the outside world hope that the High German star, from the appearance after failing to prove its value, and the game he was difficult not to shout" smuggled goods "." "Kicker" scoring system 3 games are Sanchez failed to score points. After all, Sanchez arrived in the Bundesliga, and had just recovered from the injury, so there is no large-scale German media criticized the high star. It is the veteran Alonso went into the world wave, as a pretext for Sanchez, "Bild": "Alonso’s brother tsan long remember 104 miles an hour long shots is decisive, he led the reverse." The Bayern midfielder together three people, the young and the old guys make mistakes to pay the bill, Sanchez Vidal, Alonso really should learn from what, by his understanding no more)相关的主题文章: