Barcoding Extensions For Microsoft Dynamics Gp Rms, Wms, Supply Chain

Personal-Tech Dynamics GP, or how it was known several years ago Great Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise, is popular Corporate ERP and MRP platform for mid-size businesses with robust integration set of tools and ISV add-ons. If your organization has wholesale warehouses, or retail stores and you deploy such applications as Microsoft RMS, Counterpoint, and you are looking forward to pick Warehouse Management System with advanced Supply Chain elements, such as consignment, B2B or B2C e.merce, see this small publication as the orientation session: 1.Barcode Scanning as background technology layer. We favor direct Barcoding WMS extension for such Dynamics GP modules as Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Control, Bill of Materials, and in some cases Manufacturing modules. This method has WMS barcode scanning client and server application to create transactions and master records directly in GP tables and provides apparent real time integration. The opposite approach suggests external WMS with various connectors to GP or another Corporate ERP application. Classical WMS features are Order Fulfillment on the warehouse floor by picking and packing (SOP Order manual line allocation in GP Sales Order by barcode scanning), Merchandize replenishment (POP Purchase Receipt in GP) and Inventory transactions (Adjustments, Transfers from one warehouse to another, Physical count in GP) 2.Retail and POS (Point Of Sale) integrations to Dynamics GP. One of the most popular scenarios is Microsoft RMS integration to Great Plains, where you can deploy our approach on the Headquarters level or just in Store Operation Manager. Technically HQ and SOM have similar DB structure, where HQ has Store ID, as it consolidates all the Stores into HQ database at the end of the sales day. We move POS transactions directly to Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing Invoice for Walk-In (typical retail store scenario) or On Account customer (clubs, memberships, e.merce stores, etc.). Often we see the requirements to control Inventory Purchases directly in Great Plains as well as print Barcode Labels from your ERP system (and not from RMS or another POS or retail application). We enable merchandize barcode label printing at the point of POP Purchase Receipt in Great Plains POP module the most popular Barcode label printing tool is Crystal Reports, however the same job could be done in Great Plains Report Writer, SSRS (Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services) and even in Excel or Microsoft Access, if you connect them to GP database tables via ODBC 3.e.merce POS. Yes, we consider e.merce B2B or B2C shopping cart, such as Magento to be similar in its integration requirements to generic POS transaction and we are reshaping our Microsoft RMS to GP and e.merce integration wizards to walk you through similar integration setup steps 4.SCM or going beyond typical Warehouse Management System features. Good scenario could be Food delivery on the consignment contract to Vending machine centers, Deli stores and Restaurants. We have various Consignment algorithms to offer and would like to hear your story to make re.mendations 5.Expanding Internationally. Dynamics GP is localized for most of the English speaking countries, plus it is available in French Canadian in Quebec/Montreal, in Spanish in Latin America and Caribbean region, in Arabic in the Middle East. Great Plains Dynamics GP is very popular across all the regions of Africa. Also it is possible to enable Dynamics GP for just language support (without being formally .plaint to local Tax code) in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch and more languages are .ing, please check with us 6.How to request further help? Please call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, email us at [email protected] or skype us at albaspectrum 7.Bonus Topic SAP Business One in the international environment as the alternative to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Corporate ERP localization respect and awareness are important, especially when you have to deal with your overseas subsidiaries in large countries, such as Brazil, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India. Dynamics GP has limitations, incorporated in its Great Plains Dexterity platform it doesnt support Unicode or hieroglyph based alphabets. You can try to resolve this problem by such facilitators as NJ Star. But in our opinion the easiest and probably cost minimizing approach would be to pick small business ERP software localized for your targeted country very good candidate is SAP Business One About the Author: 相关的主题文章: