Baidu executives interpret the third quarter earnings revenue is still the largest contribution to

Baidu executives interpret the third quarter earnings: revenue is still the largest contribution to medical industry view the latest market Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 28th morning news, Baidu (Nasdaq:BIDU) announced today that as of fiscal year 2016 September 30th third quarter unaudited financial statements. The report shows that the total revenue of Baidu in the third quarter of 18 billion 253 million yuan ($2 billion 737 million), compared with the same period last year fell 0.7%; third quarter net profit of 3 billion 102 million yuan ($465 million 200 thousand), growth of 9.2% over the same period last year. After the earnings release, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li and CFO attended the earnings conference call on the phone, read the main points of the earnings and answer questions from analysts’ questions on. The following is the main content of the analysis is the question and answer link: Merrill Lynch analyst Liang Weiliang (Eddie Leung): the first question about the prospect of the flow of mobile terminal, the mobile terminal traffic growth slowed in the three quarter, what is the reason? What is the relationship between the reduction of the company’s procurement expenditure? With the overall slowdown in the industry has much to do? What are the trends in the next few quarters? Second questions about the company’s Internet banking business, how Baidu credit risk of educational lending business? Contribution to the company’s revenue? Robin Li: how about the flow of mobile terminal, Chinese Internet usage has reached about 50%, the future can not expect the number of Internet users will continue to increase, so the company before the dynamic search traffic growth will not be so strong. In general, search or Internet users use the most basic, is also the most important tool for the use of mobile Internet search is also gradually adapt to, on average, users can search in the increasing use of the mobile terminal, thus accelerating the frequency of use will continue to contribute to the growth of the mobile terminal traffic. Of course, the company also strengthen the innovation in the field of mobile Internet search, we see voice search traffic growth is very rapid, Baidu will also continue to promote the development of these areas, including voice and image search, the rising space is still very great. Li Xinzhe: the company has a development advantage in the field of education, at present, many advertisers are Baidu search customers, and cooperation time has been very long. Baidu education loan business model is to work with these institutions, based on our technology, infrastructure and data capacity, credit assessment of borrowers, so we provide education loans are to undergo a rigorous and prudent assessment. Baidu education loans included in the balance sheet of the "other assets" project, this business is still in its early stages of development, the company has not been calculated whether there is a loss, Baidu will continue to observe the development of the business. Believe in Baidu based on artificial intelligence, data, technical strength, as well as the company’s understanding of the field of education, from the field of education into the Internet is the right choice. Citigroup analyst Alicia Yap: the company’s marketing expenses in the O2O business continues to decline, sales growth has also slowed from the previous three digit growth in the three quarter of 49%, I would like to ask the future development of Baidu’s O2O business plan相关的主题文章: