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Autumn will eat "Yanshou Sambo" autumn will be a vegetarian Sambo purple potato — anti fatigue anti-aging + summer, cardiovascular disease, anti allergy problem is that many readers have to face the topic, from the perspective of diet may wish to eat purple potato. Purple sweet potato is rich in iron, selenium and anthocyanin. Selenium and iron are essential elements of human anti fatigue, anti-aging, blood, especially selenium is known as the "king of cancer", easy to be absorbed by human body. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that protect the body from harmful substances called free radicals. Anthocyanins can also enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, improve circulation, inhibit inflammation and allergies, and improve joint flexibility. [recommend food] sweet potato bitter gourd ring material: bitter gourd, a purple potato, honey amount. Practice: 1, purple potato peel into small pieces. 2, purple potato block put fresh bag, sprinkle a little water, high temperature microwave oven for 3 minutes. 3, microwave oven cooked purple potato block with a spoon. 4, and then into the honey, mixing evenly into mud. 5, wash the bitter gourd to two, two middle cut, to the flesh. 6, the water boiled, boiled bitter gourd. 7, boiled water after the ice cold water gourd into it, will remain green and crisp taste bitter. 8, to fill in bitter gourd purple mashed potatoes, compaction can be. Yam tuber – moisturizing stomach this season, should eat hot weather and nourishing food, such as potato yam (yam). Yam yam yam scientific name, which contains an important nutrient that is, diosgenin, known as natural DHEA (also known as youth). DHEA contains a variety of hormones essential substances, hormones mother appellation, it can promote the synthesis of endocrine hormones, can promote skin cell The new supersedes the old., improve skin moisturizing function, and also helpful to improve the physique. For the summer accumulated due to improper diet, eating cold easily gastrointestinal discomfort, eat yam also help. [food] party recommended yam duck soup materials: Duck 1, section 4, yam 1 pieces of ginger, onion 3-4 root. The amount of salt, pepper, cooking wine. Practice: 1. Will a duck washed and dried ginger reserve; divided into two parts, the shoot loose, wash up into two scallion reserve; sit pot heating water, add ginger 1 scallion 1, boil drizzle in rice wine spoon, ducks with hot blood to remove floating foam thrown flush clean, drain water reserve; 2. The Chinese yam washed off the skin, cut hob block, water immersion standby; 3. The duck diving in the water after the soup into the pot, add enough disposable water, soup pot into 1 ginger scallion 1, in the fire to boil the soup boil froth thrown again from 4. Yam peeled and dry moisture control into the soup pot, the pot boiling again, turn a small fire burning to the duck meat available yam soft waxy chopstick head poking through (about 2 minutes), transferred to salt, a little pepper stall. Potato — emotional elimination "more than summerheat".相关的主题文章: