Automotive electricity supplier is almost dead consumers want to buy a car but began online shopping k9084

Electric car dying consumers to buy a car in 2016 began to online shopping car electricity supplier news people worried! March, Ali automotvie announced not to sell the car; in May, bought the car do not go down, to make a transition to sell car; in July, BITAUTO massive layoffs, easy car mall closed business; car executives experienced reshuffle, management big shake up, change of peace; in August, once the valuation of up to 1 billion yuan net car suddenly closed. There are remarks that the car electricity supplier to hang up. However, the consumer online shopping car trend began broke out: Double eleven shopping carnival, BITAUTO order total 138970 vehicles, a total of 21 billion 207 million yuan in order; the car Tmall flagship store transactions amounted to 224 million yuan; the double eleven day SAIC Roewe Tmall flagship store Roewe RX5 sold 1500 vehicles last year; double eleven "oversold" to the customer sincere apology "to buy", this year a record breaking, but this emboldened enough, claimed in November 12th will start to leave the car. Automotive electricity providers are in touch with the stone, only closed loop mode of landing a while ago, the car electricity supplier is considered to be a new model to subvert the traditional 4S store sales system. However, this old car business has been reclaimed virgin land for ten years, from 2013 after the game player is more but not all emerge in an endless stream, grow up. Different business genes, bring different business models, the results are naturally different. Diversion mode does not work. From the car to the car business transformation media only provide clues for the sales of 4S shops and dealers at all levels, it contributed to the transaction, claims to have tens of thousands of transactions, in fact is far from new trading links, not the exact price, can not control the stock, to provide services to all vehicles delivered or completed in the original system to improve the consumer experience. As the car home and car, they could not rebuild the whole industry chain, also could not bring the industry to improve the efficiency of. Diversion model is likely to be just a transitional mode of automotive electricity supplier. Inventory car clear library mode does not work. The car has nearly 20 wind combined with Chevrolet core distributors, with 6000 sets of Chevrolet stock car Epica buyout. This pool of the price really cheap, there are real vehicle guarantee, but at the same time as the cause of death after the foreshadowing. Car wind to obtain a certain price competitiveness, but needs a lot of funds; and even outright car business, also cannot do without the 4S shop. Late car wind suffered funding strand breaks, one shot. Looking back, docking manufacturers demand at the same time, may not conform to customer needs.     closed loop model is the only viable mode? After the Jingdong and easy fast and easy fast, founder Bu Guangqi founded the closed-loop electricity supplier to a car, unlike the diversion type electricity supplier is: "WYSIWYG", price transparency, supply chain delivery online selection of goods and orders "line"". Customer orders to pay the deposit on the APP, and then go to their own store payment, inspection car, insurance and loan process can complete one-stop. Closed loop mode and "last mile" service guarantee and improve the consumer experience. "Light, sink, share"!相关的主题文章: