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Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Details And Its Importance By: KennethBrewer | Mar 22nd 2013 – Duodenal switch is a superior surgical option to the proximal RNY and distal bypass (ERNY) Learn gastric bypass revisions. About and gastric bypass alternatives. Tags: Effective Weight Loss Surgery In India By: Pooja Sharma | Feb 10th 2012 – Obesity is now ranked amongst the list of diseases accounting for high morbidity rate and associated serious illnesses. All over the world, this demon is invading the personal as well professional lives of people, mercilessly. It is not a single disease, rather a group of ailments also known as a disorder. It brings along a Tags: Dr. Jorge Maytorena Performing… Newest Gastric Plication Laparoscopic Procedure By: J , author | Jun 4th, 2011 – Dr. Jorge Maytorena is one of the most experienced bariatric surgeons in Mexico, a highly trained and certified by laparoscopic surgery and bariatric surgeon focusing on obesity-related conditions such as diabetes. In a SP: