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Arts-and-Entertainment With a Globalize economy, any professional firm of lawyers or accountants should have contacts or representatives in other countries. These may be required as the existing clients of the professional firms may have operations that transcend national boundaries. This requires an association of lawyers and accountants that serves the purpose. IGAL has been established to serve the purpose of fostering cooperation between professional firms from different countries. The main purpose of this international association of lawyers and accountants is to generate business opportunities for its members and their clients. At the same time, IGAL ensures that the members keep on providing international legal, auditing and tax and accountancy services of the highest standard to their clients. IGAL also serves as a global forum for the professional exchange of ideas, firm management and social interaction. The current membership of IGAL stands at 99 member firms based in 45 countries. IGAL member firms represent an equal number of law and accounting offices (86), located throughout 123 cities worldwide. The members are selected, based on the type and quality of work that they conduct and are highly respected firms within their respective fields. All the Firms have professionals and support staff fluent in several languages. English is the .mon language of .work and the firm members and staff are fluent in it. IGAL actively promotes the highest standards of ethics and professionalism and each member adheres to this strict code. The various professional members have extensive international experience and are responsive to the individual needs of their overseas clients. In addition to professional expertise, they also manage cultural differences and unfamiliar business customs, and are well versed in the intricacies of the local business environment. The members are able to provide an informed briefing on wide variety of topics ranging – from the current political situation to the national business and investment climate. They take the time to understand a clients business, identify potential opportunities and obstacles, and work with them to create viable solutions in a timely and highly effective manner. This international association of lawyers and accountants has been instrumental in building bridges across continents and promoting international partnerships. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: