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Assets facing double challenges of high dividend blue chip scarce assets Han Wei by the end of 2015, Chinese residents’ saving deposits of RMB savings of more than 52 trillion yuan, occupies an important position in Chinese residents’ assets. Throughout the history of the world economy, inflation has never seemed to disappear. Negative interest rates and high inflation has been the two largest natural enemies of fixed income assets such as savings and ordinary bonds. Negative interest rates will be long-term erosion of fixed income assets. Asset interest rates are generally divided into nominal interest rates and real interest rates, the real interest rate is the nominal interest rate minus the rate of inflation after the net interest rate. January 2016, 1 yuan RMB deposit benchmark interest rate dropped to 1.5%, while the consumer price index for the same period was $1.8%, according to the purchasing power of the real interest rate of -0.3%. In the early stage of China’s large scale of currency issuance, the economic growth in the future will continue to decline, the nominal interest rate can be reduced to a negative value. In Europe, Germany in July 2016 10 year bond issue rate less than three years has decreased from 2.06% to -0.05%, not only hold German government bonds with interest will get, but also to the government to pay custodial fees, breaking the myth will not lose money to buy bonds. High inflation in the short term will hurt or even destroy fixed income assets. January 2016, China’s broad money (M2) balance has reached 141 trillion and 630 billion yuan (about $21 trillion and 200 billion), compared to the United States $12 trillion and 440 billion, the EU is 10 trillion and 260 billion euros (about $11 trillion and 450 billion). Although overcapacity in the background, the possibility of short-term inflation is very low, but such a high amount of RMB issuance in a cage like a tiger, if encounter greater uncertainty events there may be serious inflation, which hit savings, bonds and other assets. The Spring Festival has issued a document put forward "A shares have once again enter the security zone, is the valuable time window" Pyramid strategy Jiancang, private placement is a very good investment opportunities in the clear "high dividend blue chips, options, rights". As of now, the subscription option generally has several times increase, the private placement continues to show the characteristics of low risk and high income. Ordinary investors are more likely to participate in the recent high dividend blue chips have also been sought after in the market, there has been no small gains. So far, high dividend blue chips will have space? The emergence of asset shortage is an inevitable result of the economic slowdown and excessive currency distribution stack. China’s entry into the aging society, the demand for a steady increase in the value of assets is very urgent. Similar to the airport, water, power, health care, financial services and other industries not only robust business, simple and clear, easy to understand, have a certain degree of monopoly, but also can predict the next twenty years or even longer in these industries will not die. These robust blue chips in the industry, a lot of dividend yield exceeded the yield of China’s ten year bonds. In general, the listed companies will only come up with a part of net profit, or even a small portion of dividends, the remaining part of the net assets of listed companies are included in the value added. Therefore, the steady high dividend blue chip industry, not only to obtain a high dividend every year, but also the net assets of the shares相关的主题文章: