Arsenal official dasixi striker on loan from demon front Championship-ghost observer

Arsenal official dasixi striker on loan from the demon front Championship sanogo on loan at Charlton sina sports news Beijing time on February 2nd at about 5:00 a.m. (local time the evening of February 1st about 9:00), Arsenal officially announced that the team of young striker Yaya sanogo will join Charlton on loan until the end of the season. 1993 was born in sanogo, French striker U21 2013, in the summer transfer from the French Auxerre free to join arsenal. Then the team as the reserve force of complete season, in the summer of 2014, Emirates Cup completed dasixi banetogo, and some appearances in the 201415 season. With the addition of Welbeck, banetogo marginalized role. The French teenager played 20 times in the 1 and a half years of A Senna’s team, and scored the only goal in the home opener against Dortmund. At the beginning of 2015, sanogo was loaned to Crystal Palace, scoring 1 ball 10 times. The summer of 2015, sanogo was loaned to Dutch giants Ajax on loan, but the trip is not ideal, and advance back to arsenal. At this time, from the championship with Arsenal and Charlton sanogo reached an agreement. Charlton is currently ranked twenty-third in the championship (bottom second), are trying to avoid relegation. (Bai Yazhou)

阿森纳官方宣布妖锋离队 大四喜射手租借英冠 萨诺戈租借至查尔顿   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月2日凌晨5:00左右(当地时间2月1日晚9:00左右),英超阿森纳官方宣布,球队年轻前锋亚亚-萨诺戈将租借加盟查尔顿至本赛季结束。   萨诺戈1993年出生,曾是法国U21主力前锋,2013年夏天从法甲欧塞尔自由转会加盟阿森纳。随后作为球队后备力量完整效力了一个赛季,2014年夏天,萨诺戈在酋长杯完成大四喜,并在2014 15赛季初获得了一些出场机会。随着维尔贝克的加盟,萨诺戈角色边缘化。法国小将在阿森纳队内的1年半里出场20次,打进的唯一进球是主场对阵多特蒙德时的首开纪录。   2015年初,萨诺戈被租借到水晶宫,出场10次打进1球。2015年夏天,萨诺戈被租借到荷甲豪门阿贾克斯,但租借之旅十分不理想,并提前回到了阿森纳。此时,来自英冠的查尔顿与阿森纳和萨诺戈达成了协议。   查尔顿目前排名英冠第23(倒数第二),正在为保级而战。   (柏亚舟)相关的主题文章: