Apple’s new machine recovery price decline, farmers profit space narrowing

Apple’s new machine recovery price decline, farmers profit margins narrowed about iPhone 77 Plus, you whether the brain reflexively rises out of two words? Information Times reporter learned that, in addition to the current "bright black" iPhone 7 Plus due to shortages caused prices pushed higher, Apple’s new machine premium phenomenon is not obvious in other colors. IPhone 7 Plus purchase price decline recently on the iPhone 7 7Plus is stir like news with the major news client, including "iPhone 7Plus bright black" is fired because of out of stock out of 20000 yuan price. In this regard, a well-known domestic electricity supplier responsible person told reporters, at present, the iPhone 7 Plus to a "bright black" most tight, in which the goods at least 128G of memory. "About the iPhone 7 are fare million news, mostly refers to the" bright black ‘iPhone 7 Plus." He said that although the iPhone 7 Plus sell very well, but the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 was sold very general, cattle have even begun selling price. According to a Shenzhen Huaqiang North iPhone reporter obtained the 7 price chart shows that iPhone 7 Plus is generally in the official on the basis of the price increase of 700 yuan, 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and no premium. In addition, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou local farmers (iPhone scalpers) understand that they are now only iPhone 7 Plus, and the purchase price decline. Apple made hunger marketing? Why is iPhone 77 Plus "black light" serious shortage? Industry analysts said, this is mainly due to the high demand of bright black process, resulting in low yields, it is difficult to meet the needs of a large number of orders. But some analysts said that the Apple Corp in the deliberate control of "ship bright black", artificially in order to achieve the purpose of marketing hunger shortage. As for the sales of iPhone 7 than iPhone 7 Plus, the industry that is largely because of the iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera, iPhone 7 does not have this design. 360 iPhone reports help users automatically intercept telephone harassment recently, the Apple Corp officially pushed to the user of the iOS10 system, the system from the boot to unlock menu bar settings have larger changes, the function has been further improved, which is the biggest bright spot is the hot user security software plug-in interface open, from iPhone can identify and intercept telephone harassment. The new version of iOS10 just launched, 360, Tencent, Baidu, TouchPal company launched their mobile phone products security management software. By contrast, the reporter found that 360 mobile phone automatic blocking guards iOS10 version of the unique of the most prominent, can be directly on the harassment, suspected fraud, advertising to sell.

苹果新机回收价下滑“果农”获利空间缩窄   提起iPhone 7 7 Plus,你大脑是否条件反射地升起“缺货”二字?信息时报记者采访了解到,目前除“亮黑色”iPhone 7 Plus因缺货导致价格被炒高外,其他颜色的苹果新机溢价现象并不明显。   iPhone 7 Plus收购价下滑   近日关于iPhone 7 7Plus被爆炒之类的新闻充斥各大新闻客户端,其中“亮黑色”iPhone 7Plus更是因为缺货被炒出20000多元的高价。对此,国内一知名电商负责人向记者表示,就目前来看,iPhone 7 Plus以“亮黑色”最为紧俏,其中又以128G内存的货最少。“关于iPhone 7被加价上万元的新闻,大多指的是‘亮黑色’的iPhone 7 Plus。”   他表示,虽然iPhone 7 Plus卖得非常好,但4.7寸的iPhone 7却卖得很一般,有黄牛甚至开始降价销售。   而据记者获得的一份深圳华强北iPhone 7价格图显示,iPhone 7 Plus普遍在官方价格基础上加价700元人民币,4.7寸iPhone 7并没有溢价。   另外,记者从广州本地一些“果农”(iPhone黄牛党)处了解到,他们现在只收iPhone 7 Plus,且收购价格呈现下滑趋势。   苹果人为制造饥饿营销?   为什么iPhone 7 7 Plus“亮黑色”缺货严重?有业内分析表示,这主要源于亮黑色的工艺要求极高,进而导致良品率低,难以满足大量订货需求。但也有分析人士表示,苹果公司在故意控制“亮黑色”的出货,人为地造成短缺以实现饥饿营销的目的。   至于iPhone 7的销售明显不如iPhone 7 Plus,业内认为很大程度上是因为iPhone 7 Plus具备双摄像头,而iPhone 7并无此设计。   相关报道   360助iPhone用户自动拦截骚扰电话   近日,苹果公司正式向用户推送了iOS10系统,该系统从开机解锁到菜单栏设置都有较大变化,各项功能也有了进一步提升,其中被用户热议的最大亮点是安全软件插件接口的开放,从此iPhone也可以识别和拦截骚扰电话。   新版iOS10系统刚一推出,360、腾讯、百度、触宝等公司便推出了各自的手机安全管理软件产品。通过对比,记者发现360手机卫士iOS10版独有的自动拦截功能最为突出——可以直接对骚扰、疑似诈骗、广告推销以及用户自定义黑名单进行自动拦截,用户不会看到电话呼入提示,全程不受打扰,不用手动查看处理。   据了解,360手机卫士此次推出的iOS10版提供三种针对骚扰电话的处理方法:骚扰号码智能识别、根据骚扰类型主动拦截、用户自定义黑名单拦截。当iPhone用户接到未知来电,360手机卫士可以主动识别来电类型(骚扰、疑似诈骗、广告推销、保险理财等),用户可以选择拒接电话;iPhone用户还可以开启电话拦截,选择需要拦截的类型,骚扰电话就无法呼入iPhone用户手机中;另外,如果iPhone用户长时间遭受到某个号码的骚扰,也可以将这个号码直接加入黑名单,360手机卫士能够直接拦截该号码来电。   此外,360手机卫士iOS10版还拥有十亿量级骚扰号码库以及一亿商家黄页信息储备,极大地提高了识别骚扰电话的准确率。   花絮   丁磊“洗苹果”   9月16日,网易CEO丁磊,通过网易新闻客户端和网易考拉海购的直播平台,面对超过500万名网友,针对各类使用场景和极端环境对iPhone 7的防水性能进行了深度测试,直播了一把“洗苹果”。相关的主题文章: