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Another highlight of the millet conference MIX, for you to explore the process of – Sohu technology with the development of science and technology, the proportion of mobile phone screen bigger and bigger. If one day the mobile phone will become a screen shot while your hand, that it is not good? Maybe you think this is just a concept machine, but ray is the whole screen becomes possible. Today, you will take a look at the results of the whole design of the whole screen MIX millet black technology. Millet MIX for the first time using 6.4 inches full screen design, screen accounting for up to 91.3%, in the hands of almost all the screen. The size of the screen content comparable to the size of the mobile phone iphone7 plus. In order to avoid the front face opening. On the phone, for the first time using ceramic acoustic system to replace the traditional receiver, by way of cantilever beam piezoelectric ceramic technology, the electrical signal is converted into mechanical energy, through the sound guiding, no receiver can answer the phone. Because of the different modes of transmission, in a noisy environment to answer the phone, you can also hear clearly. At the same time, instead of the traditional infrared distance sensor, ultrasonic sensor is still in contact with the sensor. Special custom, sink type front camera, 50% smaller than the traditional camera, while supporting rotating camera. 17:9 full screen scale to ensure 16:9 gold content area. Hidden virtual buttons, large screen floating ball operation. Millet MIX with full ceramic body, without the use of adhesive tenon buckle type connection, using the same key ceramic materials, to ensure that the machine’s unity. On the configuration, equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor performance version of the standard 4GB, RAM+128GB ROM, UFS 2 flash memory technology. 16 million pixel phase focusing rear camera and 5 million pixel front camera. Support HD hd. And the use of SPA auxiliary positioning, so that you do not have GPS signal in the tunnel or elevator and other places can also be precise positioning. At the same time there is a round back fingerprint identification, full-featured NFC, support full Netcom 3. In addition, millet also offers an exclusive version of 6GB RAM+256GB ROM with 18K modified gold combination, collocation. With 299 yuan of European calfskin leather. Endurance, millet MIX with 4400mAh large capacity battery, support fast charging 3 technology. Millet MIX will begin selling in November 4th. The standard version is priced at 3499 yuan, exclusive edition price 3999 yuan. —————–END——————- play above NB not? Things looked envious? You can also free to play, pay attention to the number of WeChat public extreme fruit network, or search download extreme fruit App, you can oh! 100 thousand God share toys experience, accumulated poison 10 million straight fag hag.相关的主题文章: