Anhui strive for four years to build a total of 16 airports covering more than 50% of the 5A

Anhui strive to four years to build 16 general airport   covering 5A class tourist attractions – Anhui channel, more than 50% of the original title: Anhui strive to four years to build 16 general airport according to the Anhui daily news the air rescue, air parachute training, aerial air ambulance to hospital…… These can be seen in the film before the tall on the future are likely to achieve in our province. Recently, Anhui Province issued the opinions on promoting the development of general aviation, the target by 2020, and strive to build 16 more general airports, general aviation services covering more than 50% 5A level scenic spots. According to the implementation of views, to support various types of social capital and well-known domestic and foreign aviation companies to cooperate, and gradually build Hefei general aviation regional service center. There will be no transport airports in the district city, 5A scenic spots and other cities and counties with special needs, the layout of a number of general airport. Encourage neighboring areas to break the restrictions on administrative divisions, build common universal airport. Strengthen the application of general aviation in emergency rescue and disaster relief, medical aid and other areas of support of governments at all levels through direct purchase of aircraft or general aviation services, the development of aviation emergency rescue and other public flight operations, and strive to achieve the general aviation medical rescue service covering the main highway along the line of the emergency rescue and hospital. According to the plan, our province will encourage air consumption, the formation of a General Aviation Corporation, clubs, education and training institutions, the development of aviation exhibition, flight experience, parachuting, aerial aerial flight, training and other services, expand the general aviation enthusiasts and consumer groups. We will promote the construction of air travel and sports base in an orderly manner, and provide comprehensive and serial services for general aviation consumers. By 2020, strive to build 16 more general airport, the basic realization of city have general airport or both general aviation services transport airports, general aviation services covering the main agricultural areas, more than 50% of the main forest, 5A scenic spot, the initial establishment of meet the general aviation needs support system. Strive to develop more than 10 general aviation enterprises, general aircraft reached more than 90, more than 40 thousand hours of annual flight, general aviation industry economies of scale over $30 billion. (commissioning editor Huang Yan and Guan Fei)相关的主题文章: