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The cross-country race now touching scene two girls help players finish sports Sohu – Beijing time on October 30th, according to foreign media reports, recently in a cross-country running event of the the Atlantic coast, the embodiment of the spirit of sports scene. The two runners to help a weary Boston College who completed a cross-country run full sport game. From Clemson and Avril Tate from U Louis Sverre Reichl pease in the game end point line stopped to help a fell runner finished held in North Carolina Carey women’s six km race, the two is to help Madeleine of the Boston College, Adams, in her end point line because too tired and fall. Two people have sacrificed their position in the game to help strangers, the Atlantic Coast Conference Organizer (ACC) to capture the video, which has been in the social media sharing is thousands of times. Some users pointed out that the previous rules have been updated, so help others during the race will not be automatically disqualified. According to the ACC match report, Avril Tate was originally in seventieth and 80 between the end of the race, and then stop to help Adams. However, the report did not conclude that Adams was disqualified as a result of the competition. The ACC cross country championship is one of the top athletes in the United states. (Alse)相关的主题文章: