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All Star Tribute to Kobe pan standing ovation: playing NBA I was lucky last time all star Kobe sina sports news Beijing time on February 15th, before the all star game in Toronto, the continuous playback of two Kobe tribute video. Later, Kobe walked to the center of the court and spoke before the fans. "I want to win. When you win, you don’t want it to slip away. You want to win all the time." Kobe said in the second video, "but I know the day will come."." At the same time, a number of NBA all star players in the video for Kobe sent a message and blessing. After the video playback, Kobe walked to the stadium and spoke in front of all the fans. "Thank you for your support over the years.". I was lucky enough to be able to play the game I loved, and I spent half of my age in this league." Kobe said in his speech, "I’m happy to have the opportunity to play all the stars with these young players, talk about the game with them, and share my understanding of basketball. Thank you. I’m going to warm up now." This is Kobe’s eighteenth career as a NBA all star, and his last full star. So the theme of this all star is Kobe. (Rosen)

全明星全场起立致敬科比 飞侠:打NBA我很幸运 科比最后一届全明星   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月15日,多伦多全明星赛开始之前,全场连续播放了两段向科比致敬的视频。随后,科比走上球场中央并在全场球迷面前发言。   “我渴望赢球。当你赢球以后,你就不想让它溜走。你希望能够不断地赢球。”科比在第二段视频里说道,“但我知道,这一天(告别球场)终将会来临。”   与此同时,多位NBA全明星球员都在这段视频里为科比送出寄语和祝福。视频播放完毕后,科比走上球场,并在全场球迷面前发言。   “感谢你们这么多年来对我的支持。我很幸运能够打我热爱的比赛,而且我在这个联盟里的时间超过了我年龄的一半。”科比在发言中说道,“很高兴能有机会和这些年轻球员一起打全明星,和他们谈论比赛以及分享我对篮球的理解。感谢你们,我现在要去热身一下了。”   这是科比职业生涯第18次入选NBA全明星,同时也是他的最后一届全明星。所以这届全明星的主题就是——科比。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: