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AFC Gao Hongbo again took office for attention: for qualifying matches – Sohu sports   Chinese FA 3 announced Gao Hongbo become China’s new coach, 2 4, the official website of the AFC attention in the headlines, and said that Gao Hongbo will lead the country foot in the left field of World Cup game is the key. The AFC’s official website said that Gao Hongbo took the pointer from the French coach Perrin hands, Perrin led the Orangemen currently only qualifying alive preliminaries Asia Game C group ranked third in the group. The national football World Cup record was reviewed, the Chinese team ranked third, behind 7 points ranked first in Qatar team, behind second Chinese Hongkong team 3 points, more than Hongkong Chinese team goal difference, and there are two home court advantage, the Orangemen and Chinese play Hongkong 0-0. At the same time the AFC official said, replaced Perrin as the new coach is a country full of second Gao Hongbo picked up the national football coach. Review the text also resume to Gao Hongbo, he led Changchun Yatai won the 2007 Super Champion, and played in the League for the first time in the team AFC Champions League, China subsequently served as coach in 2009, and won the 2010 East Asian Cup, Asian Cup in 2011 after he was replaced by Camacho. Finally, the AFC official website said that Gao Hongbo will also lead the country to the two world preliminaries competition, respectively, against Maldives and Qatar, the two games is very critical, only a total victory only hope to qualify for the 12 strong. (radium and) 亚足联关注高洪波再度上任:需两战全胜争出线-搜狐体育     中国足协3日公布高洪波成为中国男足新任主帅,2月4日,亚足联官网在头条给予关注,并表示高洪波即将带领国足征战的剩下两场世预赛比赛十分关键。   亚足联官网表示,高洪波从法国人佩兰手中接过了主帅的教鞭,佩兰带领国足目前仅仅在世预赛亚洲区预选赛C组中排名小组第三。文章中对国足世预赛战绩进行了回顾,目前中国队排名第三,落后排名第一的卡塔尔队7分,落后排名第二的中国香港队3分,中国队比香港多净胜球,并且有两个主场优势,国足和中国香港交手0-0收场。   同时亚足联官网表示,接替佩兰成为国足新任主帅是高洪波的第二次拿起国足教鞭。文字中还对高洪波的履历进行回顾,他曾率领长春亚泰获得2007年中超冠军,并且首次带队出战亚冠联赛,随后在2009年出任中国队主帅,并拿到了2010年东亚杯的冠军,2011年亚洲杯后他被卡马乔替换。   最后亚足联官网表示,高洪波还要率领的国足进行两场世预赛的比赛,分别是对阵马尔代夫和卡塔尔,这两场比赛十分关键,只有全胜才有晋级12强赛的希望。(镭与)相关的主题文章: