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Aegean Sea River, Greece’s most beautiful town – Nafplio – Sohu said the Greek tourism, Santorini island to the whole world, the Greeks left town on the line to Nafplion on the peninsula, which is the most beautiful scenery of the town, the old city of medieval architectural charm, building dating back to the second people in Venice during the occupation, so the whole town is full of Venice style.. Nave Plihon? – Southern Greece Argolis port city. At the top of the eastern Peloponnese, the north shore of the Rees Bay elder brother. Population 11 thousand (1981). West of the harbour, with an elevation of about 85 meters. East low Shanpa Lamiteweng, 215 meters above sea level, a barrier island, the situation Xianyao, magnificent scenery. The era of Mycenae culture has been one of the main ports. In 625 BC belonging to Argos, after the Byzantine, frank, Venice and Turks, 1540 is the Capital District of morea. In 1822, during the Greek War of independence. 1829-1834 was once the seat of the Greek government. Frank and Venice fortress town, has a rich medieval style. The typical Bourges castle in Nafplion in the harbor was built in 1473 by the people of Venice, to protect the city from the sea invasion. In June 18, 1822, after the siege of the Greeks, from the hands of the Osman empire. It has been used as a fortress until 1865. Then instead of imprisoned in the castle Lamidi Palmer prisoners hangman’s residence. From 1930 to 1970, it served as a hotel. Since then, it is mainly a tourist attraction, and the summer music festival is held here occasionally. Yard on the peninsula of the most beautiful and charming town of Nafplion, picturesque scenery, God loves Greece, here are the most beautiful blue Aegean Sea, the most beautiful and poetic Town, once known as the East Rome empire is the first capital of Naples, greece..相关的主题文章: