Across the board really did not discuss the purchase price of eleven worth buying a camera product g t420s

All prices really did not discuss eleven worth buying camera products Shopping Guide Shopping Festival approaching, the electricity supplier bigwigs in the run-up to the war almost since the end of October, we can from the news channel promotional parties harvest electricity supplier. 11.11 Shopping Festival from the beginning of the concept of a large Tmall, and then two alone carry, evolved into the current electricity supplier platform for nearly a month’s Carnival Party. Today Xiaobian will teach you how to explore and select the 11.11 special camera products during the period, and to just have to recommend a few friends recommended by the small price increases, it is worth starting equipment. As one of the important digital products Shopping Festival, many friends will choose to wait and see the high value-added camera products. But even if there is a dazzling promotion policy, of high investment and low profit space camera industry, key categories, has not been the promotional discount, as well as other daily necessities and small appliances discount more violent. This camera market continued to shrink, the price for many years the market is not optimistic, it can be said that even if there is a promotion now buy the camera can not be dropped into the beginning of the price, but less to lose when the win, 11.11 this year, there will be what new tricks, how do we choose? Keep an eye on the new product line is a surprise price representative products: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV recommended reason: the line price advantage is obvious; the Almighty SLR almost no short board price: 20899 yuan this year is four times the camera industry collective price, respectively in June, August 2-3 month, and October, to let manufacturers Alexander in addition to the core components of the production decline after the earthquake cases, and from Europe caused by the global exchange rate changes. The rise in cost of production, so they have to decide on the market price adversity guadan. The camera market all back to 1 years ago, the price level, the price of some products even rose nearly 20%, also bought a year equipment in the secondary market to sell off the "wonders"; relatively, the new machine is not fortunately released this year price impact (because of the pricing stage has taken into account the price situation). Prices and stock market this year is due to the wonders of the camera online and offline channels between individual retailers in 11.11 have their own promotional activities, the Hong Kong version plus the price advantage, there will be a lot of surprises sometimes offline channel prices. On behalf of the product is just released soon Canon’s flagship EOS 5D Mark IV SLR camera, it is equipped with 30 million 400 thousand sensors and DIGIC 6+ image processor, equipped with Mark II and 1DX improved version of the same 61 point autofocus system, with touch screen, WiFi, NFC and 4K 5D Mark III has no function, can shoot 4K 30p, 1080p 60p 720p and 120P specifications of the video, 7 seconds of continuous support. In addition to the old section of the short board, but also the introduction of a number of new features, has become the most cost-effective slr. Canon EOS 5D V (5D5) currently the machine has been in August by the year of.相关的主题文章: