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A German refugee shelter suspected arson bystanders – Sohu news Chinese schadenfreude news network February 22nd according to "Deutsche Welle" website reported that the German state of Isaacson is a converted immigrant shelter hotel fire, police found arson clues, and said some residents and passers-by showing schadenfreude. The German Interior Minister expressed shock, and put forward new proposals for the influx of big city of germany. Isaacson Bautzen (Bautzen) a former hotel building from February 20th to 21 on the night of fire, investigators have found to have residual flammable materials in buildings. The police said that the initial investigation shows that this is a deliberate arson. According to the police, residents and bystanders on fire show Schadenfreude, some people even hinder the fire fighting. The police arrested a number of onlookers. 3 19, 20 year old local youth for obstructing the fire fighting police were ordered to leave, the two drunk teenager was arrested by the police for refusing to leave. Governor Isaacson Tirich strongly condemned the alleged arson and Bautzen 18 days a refugee bus was attacked in the state clausnitz event. The German Interior Minister Maiziere said that in Germany, everyone can express their fear and worry, can also express different political views, but these rights have not crossed the line, Isaacson has apparently happened out of bounds. The German justice minister Maas also said that the house was on fire, intimidation of refugees applauded the disgusting. Specify the refugee settlements to prevent slums with many refugees receive formal identity into the big city in Germany, political fears of refugee communities in the slums. The German Interior Minister Maiziere hopes to solve the problem by the way of temporarily designated refugee settlements. He said in an interview Sunday, "world news", "I think the need to specify the refugee residence, in order to mitigate the risk of big city slum formation." According to the newspaper news, Ministry of the interior has the corresponding residence law proposed regulations. By the German federal state will determine the location distribution of refugees. The German Social Democratic Party Construction Minister Barbara Hendricks said on the news, "if arranged properly, in a certain period of time specified in the refugee settlements is a supplementary means of meaningful." The German government integration Commissioner Aidan Fitz O U F stressed that in order to avoid all the refugees pouring into the city, the employment market should be timely to the designated place of refugees provide the possibility. For those who are still in the process of refugee applicants, Germany has been designated the place of residence.

德国一难民收容所疑被纵火 旁观者幸灾乐祸-搜狐新闻  中国网2月22日讯 据《德国之声》网站报道,德国萨克森州一座正在改建成移民收容所的酒店失火,警方发现了故意纵火的线索,并称有居民和路人表现出幸灾乐祸。德国内政部长对此表示震惊,并针对难民涌入德国大城市的问题提出了新建议。   萨克森包岑(Bautzen)的一座前酒店建筑2月20日至21日夜间失火,调查人员已经发现建筑物中有残留的易燃品。警方表示,最初调查显示这是一起故意纵火案。   据警方的消息,有居民和旁观者对火灾表现出幸灾乐祸,一些人甚至阻碍消防人员灭火。警方逮捕了数名旁观者。3名19、20岁的当地青年因阻碍消防人员灭火被警方勒令离开,其中两名醉酒青年因拒绝离开被警方逮捕。   萨克森州长提里希对包岑涉嫌纵火案和18日一辆难民大巴在该州克劳斯尼茨遭到袭击的事件予以强烈谴责。   德国内政部长德梅齐埃表示,在德国,每个人都可以表达自己的害怕和担心,也可以表达不同的政治见解,但是这些权利有不可越过的界限,萨克森发生的事显然已经越界。德国司法部长马斯也表示,那些对房屋失火,难民遭恐吓叫好的人令人作呕。   指定难民居住地以防出现贫民窟   随着许多获得正式身份的难民进入德国大城市,政界担心会出现难民聚居的贫民窟。德国内政部长德梅齐埃希望通过暂时指定难民居住地的方式解决该问题。   他在接受《星期日世界报》采访时表示,“我认为亟需给难民指定居住地,以减轻大城市形成贫民窟的风险。”据该报消息,内政部已就居留法中相应法规提出了建议。难民的地点分配将由德国各联邦州决定。   德国社民党籍建筑部长芭芭拉亨德里克斯也对该报表示,“如果安排得当,在一定时间里指定难民居住地是有意义的补充手段。”   德国政府融合专员艾丹费茨奥乌茨强调,为了避免所有难民都涌入城市,就业市场应该及时给那些被指定居住地的难民提供工作可能性。   对于那些仍在办理难民申请的人,德国已经有指定其居住地的规定。相关的主题文章: