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A Pingtan woman died in a car accident on the ice coffin money actually take wings to itself news network September 27th (sea channel reporter correspondent Liu Shiquan       Chen Shuhui) parts of Pingtan have this custom, family members should put money on the dead, hope the dead to "over there" with money. But no one thought of it, but there was the idea that the funeral workers had to fight the money. In July 21st this year, at noon, Lee (female) because of the car accident was sent to a hospital in Pingtan for treatment, but eventually treatment died, the body was carried to the hospital morgue, Lee’s sister a few people together 10000 yuan in cash on the dead body, was taken to the morgue, morgue remains in the ice coffin in. Subsequently, Lee’s husband told Pingtan County Funeral Home sent to the morgue staff Lin, his wife has ten thousand yuan in cash, hoping to help Lin custody. On the evening of July 23rd, after the family members of Li left the morgue, Lin was in the morgue. Lin owed money, hand tight unable to repay, think of 10000 yuan Lee suffered money. Lin opened the ice coffin of Li, took out 1000 yuan, returned the money to others, and then went back to the morgue. Since then, Lin has repeatedly stolen cash from the ice coffin, a total of 3200 yuan. The morning of July 30th, Lin mougang to the morgue, Lee’s husband also went to the morgue. Lee’s husband asked Lin to take the money out of the ice coffin because he had no confidence in the money in the ice coffin. The money out, one is only 6800 yuan, Lin argued that not known. After that, Lee’s husband immediately called the police, Lin confessed to steal the money. In consideration of Lin’s refund of money, together with his old age and poor physical condition, recently, the procuratorate of Pingtan county made a decision on not approving the arrest of Lin. 平潭一女子车祸身亡 放冰棺里的钱竟不翼而飞   海峡网9月27日讯(海都记者 刘世泉 通讯员 陈淑惠) 平潭部分地区有这样的习俗,家属要在死者身上放钱,希望死者到了“那边”有钱用。可谁也没想到,却有殡葬人员打起这笔钱的主意。   今年7月21日中午,李某(女)因车祸被送至平潭一医院治疗,但最终救治无效死亡,遗体被抬至该医院太平间,李某的姐妹几人凑了10000元现金放 在死者的身上,一起被送到了太平间,遗体放在太平间的冰棺内。随后,李某的丈夫便告知平潭县殡仪馆派驻到该太平间的工作人员林某,其妻子身上有万元现金, 希望林某帮忙看管。   7月23日晚,李某的家属离开太平间之后,林某一个人在太平间。林某因欠别人钱款,手头紧无力偿还,就想起李某身上的10000元钱。林某打开李某的冰棺,取出其中的1000元,将这些钱款归还他人,之后又回到太平间。此后,林某又多次从冰棺里盗走现金,共3200元。   7月30日上午,林某刚到太平间,李某的丈夫也到了太平间。因不放心放在冰棺里的钱款,李某的丈夫要求林某马上将冰棺里的钱取出来。钱拿出来后,一数却只剩6800元,林某辩解说不知晓。之后,李某的丈夫立即报警,林某这才承认偷了钱。   考虑到林某退还钱款,加之年迈,身体状况较差,近日,平潭县检察院作出了对林某不批准逮捕的决定。相关的主题文章: