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Small displacement power drive Guangzhou TOYOTA Ralink Turbo- Beijing Beijing in November 11, after launch a hybrid version of the model recently, Ralink GAC TOYOTA announced the family pushed a small displacement version of leiling Turbo. Ralink Turbo collocation a new TOYOTA developed 1.2T D-4T direct injection turbocharged engine, and its S-CVT super intelligent CVT formed "TS platinum combination of power", which is TOYOTA following the dual engine after efficient powertrain. 1.2T D-4T direct injection turbocharged engine is TOYOTA’s first global development of small displacement turbocharged engine. It integrates the Atkinson cycle technology hybrid engine with direct injection and turbocharging technology, the thermal efficiency of the world’s top 36%, 1500rpm can output the maximum torque of 185Nm, realize the strong torque output is higher than that of 1.8L, and 100 km combined fuel consumption as low as 5.4L, with high reliability and easy maintenance of TOYOTA unique at the same time, not easy to coke not burning oil, naturally aspirated engine maintenance cycle and the same. According to the Guangzhou TOYOTA announced information, not only the use of a new Turbo power system, but also on the appearance of interior, security and other aspects of energy saving renovation. The whole system comes standard with vehicle stability control system (VSC), traction control system (TRC) and HAC (HAC) active security suite, and the TOYOTA SMART STOP intelligent oil saving start stop system etc.. Small displacement turbocharged engine is currently on a global scale, has been the development and production of brand manufacturers are not many. In the face of environmental pollution and energy shortage today, the small displacement energy saving and emission reduction model is inevitable trend of the development of the automotive industry. In the recently held Ralink GAC TOYOTA Turbo drive, I personally experience the feeling of this surging power comes T. Lei Ling initially set up a fashion dynamic image, while the thunder Turbo in the overall shape of little change, only in some detail into more dynamic design elements. In the high version 1.2T V deluxe edition models collocation LED daytime running lights, can greatly improve the vehicle in the daytime especially in rain and Fog Visibility, both in front of the vehicle rear-view mirror, or in the head car in the field. This will reduce the likelihood of an accident. Lei Turbo body size and other configurations are consistent, long 4630mm, wide 1775mm, high 1480mm, wheelbase 2700mm. The front seat sliding around the range of Ralink reached 260mm, the vertical adjustment range up to 60mm, the front transverse width, height of front door frame and a rear space, at the best level in the same level vehicle. Ralink Turbo with exclusive LEVIN logo embroidery sport seats and red ring window trim: high 1.2T V deluxe edition models equipped with sports seats with exclusive LEVIN embroidered logo, package and comfort performance, the visual effect of high-grade pleasing; surface material leather + synthetic leather not only has excellent tactility, easy cleaning and maintenance. The model also.相关的主题文章: