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A big move: China began a large-scale sell-off of U.S. Treasuries finally broke the original title: China moves, began a large-scale sell-off of U.S. Treasuries with bovine   Author: Source: what is a fair number of cattle with "[1] China? Friend? Rival? Lover? Husband and wife? Has a variety of claims, but this kind of analogy, often with emotion, and some unspeakable trouble. For example, who is the husband who is his wife? If China is a wife, it is estimated that many Chinese netizens do not agree. Of course, there is a saying, belongs to the fact: creditors and debtors: Huang Shiren and Yang Bailao. Unfortunately, not too rich Chinese, the evil Huang Shiren; than our rich and strong America, a poor Yang Bailao. A routine American cartoonist most love, is strong shouldered Chinese creditors (sometimes is representative Chinese panda), took the bill cockily to knock on the door, the door is the Yakuza creditors reverent and respectful uncle Sam. Look really pretty. Or, skinny uncle Sam had to play when the rickshaw, sitting around in the car, is to collect the China fat man, hands still look at US debt write newspapers…… Of course, there are more straightforward, uncle Sam directly to the creditors China thrice kneeling and nine times bowing…… No way, a penny suffocated one thousand billion heroes, let the United States into the bear eggs. The implication is that the cartoonist don’t see us, but swagger before others in the world, in front of Chinese, you must also stood along the item, no way, because the bow and scrape, China is the largest creditor, the United States to creditors come knocking…… American cartoonist is naturally in ridicule pastime of the government of the United States, but more and more facts have proved that in this world, money is the uncle! Times have changed, Huang Shiren is more afraid of Yang Bailao. Yang Bailao said, I do not have money, I am a fatal. Huang Shiren can you do? America you where? The United States is willing to contribute to you? Today’s Huang Shiren, you don’t have a fond dream. What’s more, this Yang Bailao is stronger than you. But in the past 10 years, China has been in the Huang Shiren, has been the largest party to lend money to the United States, almost how much to give. In the accumulation of risk, the problem is very serious, for example, if the United States betray deadbeat, how to do? During the international financial crisis, the United States Treasury Secretary Paulson said at the time, there is a solution, is the U. S. debt written off, I will not return, how can you? Although Paulson immediately ruled out the possibility that the United States is not such a person. But this is because the United States also want to borrow more from Chinese dollars, if the United States which turn innocent become enemies, not uncle Sam will not do so. In addition, China cannot sell U.S. Treasury bonds, after all, the amount of $one trillion, once sold, means China yields sharply lower, The loss outweighs the gain. This is, in fact, the United States debt trap or dollar trap: China can not buy, China can not be sold on a large scale. But the value of Hao相关的主题文章: