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7 should pay attention to risk symptoms after childbirth, maternal postpartum Sohu, when mothers recover the body status. At this stage, the new mother to be careful attention to whether his body appeared the following 7 kinds of dangerous situation. Here, come and make a small series to understand what these 7 dangerous conditions are. Placenta remnants: some mothers in childbirth shortly after the discovery of a sudden bleeding, it is because the placenta and fetal membranes, such as part of the residual in the uterine cavity. Incomplete recovery of the uterus: when the mother because of uterine contraction is not good, not to restore the original appearance. Such as: after delivery has been in the past several days, but the uterus is relatively large and soft, red and brown lochia has been continuous. And accompanied by symptoms of lower abdominal pain, it is because the uterus remains in the fetal membranes and decidua. After childbirth, the early departure from the bed, the urine in the bladder or rectum will not be discharged in time, is also one of the reasons for the slow recovery of the uterus, to pay full attention to. Puerperal fever: women from two or three days after delivery of the temperature for 38 DEG C, or continuous cold. This is because the uterus infection and puerperal fever have a fever, called. The cause of formation is, disinfection apparatus used during childbirth is not complete, the process is not clean or lochia, their risk of maternal infection (tonsillitis, vaginitis), and spoilage bacteria, pyogenic bacteria infection. Severe systemic deterioration, may cause sepsis. So when children don’t have a fever, antipyretic, should immediately ask the doctor to diagnosis and treatment. Late bleeding: bleeding in the late stage of the bleeding is also shortly after the occurrence of bleeding phenomenon, which is from the blood to stop bleeding in the neck of the uterus and other parts of the wound and vaginal wall wound bleeding again, should immediately suture wounds. Hemorrhoids: suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, after childbirth is generally easy to deteriorate. And because in the labor force is great, people who suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids in two or three weeks after delivery in the swelling, and pain, because pain also suppresses the defecate, can cause constipation, hemorrhoids worse, will form a vicious spiral. Lochial exudes stench: lochia like stench of rotting fish, can be suspected to be infected by bacteria and the uterine canal. Let things drift words, can also cause puerperal fever. Perineum pain: maternal perineum wound cramps or pain, but in stitches later, will no longer hurt. If you continue to hurt, it may be the formation of hematoma, you should find a doctor’s help.相关的主题文章: