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Credit .pany’s or individual’s past debts, payments, and even bankruptcy are all recorded on his credit history. This can also be called "credit reputation". All these information including all personal details are collected by the credit bureau and kept confidential unless for important purposes. When applying for a credit card, credit from a store or bank, you are being asked to fill out an application form. All the information is then forwarded to the credit bureau for thorough checking if the information matches with the ones recorded by the credit bureau. That is why providing correct and true information to the bureau is very important. The information is then used by credit card .panies, stores or banks to know if a certain individual is worth lending for. That is determined by his history of payments, loyalty and willingness to pay new debt. And willingness can be determined by his consistent payment method. So to encounter no problem, always make sure you have a clean record. To avoid bad record, then you should start solving it when you feel a certain situation will result for you to unable paying. Always solve problems when it’s still starting to avoid bigger problems in the future. But what are the causes of bad credit to some individuals? There are some reasons that cause bad credit. The most basic one is not paying on time. When it .es to these .panies, there is no excuse why you would not be able to pay on time. They do not care whether you are sick or the bill had lost or if you lose your job, all they want is for you to pay on schedule. If you were not able to make it, your reasons will not be printed on your credit history. Another reason is the charge off or when you forgot to pay, you did not pay, or anything that will make the .pany perceives that you do not intend to pay your bill, then they will put a negative on your credit history and will retain in there for seven years. For any reason for such action, you can ask for bad credit help to know what to do and what to know. Loosing a job is one of the .mon causes for having a bad record. When you lose your job, spending your money in rent and food bills be.e the priority than paying it on debt. Health problems, illness or any accident may be reasons for credit difficulties. Decreased in.e from absences and increased expenses due to medicines and medical bills are factors of having a bad credit. Divorce and death of love ones are also factors for they increased expenses and decreased in.e of the family, adding the emotional suffering of the individual. In those times, possibility of losing track of the schedule of payments is greater. And some people just have bad record because of their being irresponsibility when it .es to financial matter. Without prioritizing, they will buy a lot of anything on credit without thinking if they can really pay those on time or if they really have the resources to pay those. Some even use their loans for gamble or even buy drugs. Individual must always be careful and fix bad credit at once. Be responsible and know what and how to prioritize. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: