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Automobiles When in the market for dual control car hire, dual control car leasing, or simply contract hire, it is of the upmost importance to know as much as possible about the source. One cannot find a better source for dual control cars and contract hires that Total Fleet Services, which has been in the business of contracting and leasing quality and serviceable vehicles ever since 1994. With fourteen years of experience in an industry full of get rich quick artists, Total Fleet Services truly does offer the top fleet package. It is worth it to take an in depth look at the many services they offer. Dual control cars are excellent vehicles for driving instructors and drivers education teachers. Cars fitted with dual controls have separate capabilities for the gas and brake pedals. In some cases they .e with a second clutch as well. The safety benefits of these features are limitless. When a driving instructor is teaching a student, they can both feel .pletely confident in terms of their safety. In many instances, the student is understandably nervous. However, knowing that his or her driving instructor has the ability to take action in an emergency can ease the students anxiety considerably, which in turn encourages a better performance. By the same token, the driving instructor knows that he or she is in control should an emergency situation arise. Through Total Fleet Services, driving instructors and drivers education teachers can obtain dual control car hire or dual control car leasing, and substantially benefit their businesses by doing so. Duel control car leasing, for example, is ideal for any individual or .pany who needs a car but does not want to run the risk of damaging his or her personal car while doing business. Naturally, driving instructors can potentially be quite prone to that. If, however, an instructor is fairly sure he or she will want to keep one of these vehicles, dual control car hire can be a better option. Dual control car leasing is also quite perfect for anyone teaching someone they know how to drive. For example, a mother teaching her daughter to drive or a husband teaching his wife to drive naturally these individuals will likely not require a dual control car long term. Fortunately, Total Fleet Services offers a wide variety of plans allowing customers to lease cars by day and by week. However, in circumstances such as these, if the individual knows that he or she will only need to car for a certain amount of time, contract hire is also an excellent choice. On the topic of driving instructors, Total Fleet Services offers many benefits to instructors who are interested in dual control car leasing. On contracts specifying fixed term rentals, instructors can receive a new car each year. The cost of the monthly rental also includes any repairs and automotive service, including excise duty, breakdown, home start, and recovery. Furthermore, all of the .panys dual control cars are equipped with He-man dual controls. Total Fleet Services also employs fixed costs, so prices are more affordable. When consumers choose weekly rentals, they agree upon the amount, which is then stipulated in the leasing contract, along with VAT costs. To receive a car, customers need only pay a deposit, meant to ensure that the car will be returned safely and in good condition. This sum is refunded when the car is indeed returned in the proper condition. First time customers must pay a fee, but only for the first vehicle they lease from Total Fleet Services. If the car requires repairs at any time, customers may take it to a main dealer located near them. The service department at the dealership will call Total Fleet Services, and thus receive payment for repairs and maintenance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: