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Spirituality Have you ever been waiting for an elevator, you push the button and the light .es on. And even if the light is on you push it again. And you push it again as if the elevator would hurry. Why do we do these things? Anyway, slowly the doors open and we expect to walk on the elevator unencumbered. But to our amazement, the elevator is packed; people are in there like pretzels. The front people nod and smile and, now and again, back away and allow a little bit of room. Then maybe your eye catches the sign that says Capacity 3,000 lbs, and you say to yourself you hope the buzzer doesnt go off. But when you step onto the elevator the buzzer sounds.. Ed Young Pastor says, in a real way, a lot of our lives are like that. They are packed with different things, different activities, different pressure points, different worries. We see the capacity and the Bible talks about this. Yet we ignore the buzzer because we think that we can handle it. We think that we can break the stranglehold of stress. We think we can do it. Life, ladies and gentlemen, is stressful. There is no such thing as some kind of nirvana, stress-free existence. Stress is real. It happens and we have to learn how to deal with it. So one more time, are you all stressed up with no place to go? If you are, lets see what the Bible says about how to handle a succ-stressful job. Ed Young says, now this first way is going to seem weird to you. You might chuckle, but lets tackle it. First, if I am going to break the stranglehold of stress, I need to put in for a transfer. You wonder, am I talking about moving, about leaving the department? Just stay with me. Dont get too stressful too early. In I Samuel 30, David dealt with boatloads of stress. He had been off on a three-day journey with some friends and he was leading the way back to their homes, expecting to be greeted by their wives and children. But to their horror, their homes had been burned to the ground; their wives and children had been taken by the enemy. David was worried. David was stressed. And look what happened in I Samuel 30:6. David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: