Eleven Simple Tips To Keep Your Home Safe-naughty怎么读

Home-Securtiy Unfortunately many homeowners dont realize how easy it is to out-smart most burglars. Burglars basically pick out homes that appear unoccupied, unprotected or easily accessible through concealed entry points. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to protect your home for when you are there or when you cant be there, no matter where you live. 1. Doors & Windows: Be sure to secure all of your doors and windows, even pet entrances and garage doors. Be wary of weak locks that can be easily forced open. An easy fix is to install deadbolt locks with a one inch throw and reinforced strike plates with three inch screws on doors. For ground level windows, mount high-quality locks on all windows but dont f.et about all other windows. 2. Sliding Doors: You can secure sliding glass doors by placing a metal rod or piece of wood, like a broomstick, in the doors track. Another precaution you should take is to install vertical bolts. 3. Interior Lights: Timers should be utilized on any indoor lamps and appliances to keep your home lit up at night. You can also set timers to turn on your televisions and radios at random times throughout the day. This is a great deterrent. 4. Exterior Lighting: The perimeter of your home should always be well lighted. Try using low voltage, solar lighting or motion sensitive lighting around porches, decks, entrances, walkways or any other dark outdoor area around your home. 5. Newspapers and Mail: Before you and your family leave on vacation you should stop mail and newspaper deliveries. You could also as a trustworthy neighbor or friend to collect them while you are away. This prevents an accumulation of mail and flyers being spotted by burglars. 6. Keys: You should never hide your keys under doormats, mailboxes, under a rock, flowerpots, etc Just give an extra key to that trustworthy neighbor or friend. You can ask them to check your home regularly while you and your family are gone. 7. Blinds and Shades: In order to maintain the appearance of normal, everyday living, remember to leave a few of your shades, blinds or curtains open. 8. Answering Machines: Never announce on your voicemail or home telephone answering machine that you are away from home. 9. Landscaping: Large shrubbery provides hiding areas for burglars. Therefore, all shrubs, bushes and trees should be kept trimmed and away from any entrances. You may want to consider arranging to have someone care for your lawn or garden while you are away. 10. Your Local Police Department: Before you skip town, you should check with your local police department for home security evaluations or checklists. You may even want to ask them to check your home or patrol your neighborhood more closely while you are away. 11. Install an ADT home security system. Home security systems or home alarm systems provide an enormous amount of security since your home can be monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Its amazing how just a few simple do it yourself tips can help to prevent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of loss and damages to your home. For a consultation to go over your homes security, contact National Home Security Systems, an authorized ADT dealer, for a great and affordable selection of home security systems and home alarm systems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: