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Business Accountability is a willingness or obligation to accept responsibility for or account for one’s actions. One may question how efforts to build the team’s strengths can be fostered by a an individual who feels a growing acceptance that he or she is responsible for the results of the team. If the team is a success, the individual is a success. If the team flops, the individual also is accountable. Yet, even though the statement may seem counter-intuitive, it is nevertheless true. A strong team member builds increasing reliance upon the work of others. This is not a contradiction in terms. Here are some of the ways in which team building exercises develop a sense of accountability. Each Member Must Do Their Part In a team effort, no member is unimportant and each member has skills supported by other members. So, if even one part of the team effort is missing, it is glaringly apparent. Team building London firms that organise games and exercises for .panies to build team spirit are also increasing each team member’s understanding that their own strengths strengthen the team efforts and are visible not only to the team members but to the public. Final results are recognized Team development games and exercises always result in a .pletion of the task or game. Often, depending upon the activity, it is not .pleted until a final result is attained. The end result is something measurable, achievable and specific. However, in many of the team building exercises, participants take the time following .pletion of the activity to discuss how it might have worked better or how they could have ac.plished the same thing in a different manner. This recapitulation may take the form of good-natured boasting and teasing or it may be a more serious and specific strategy session, but in either case it reinforces the concept of accountability for one’s actions. Team members learn to know other members’ strengths and weaknesses As part of the exercises, team building London firms will encourage .pany team members to learn about the abilities of other members in such a way as to best use the strong points and to minimize the weaker points, perhaps by pairing or .bining members of the team. When the .mon goals override individual weaknesses, team members can work for the .mon good. So each member is not only accountable for their own actions, but they are responsible for those of the rest of the team. Results are reproducible In order to be repeat successful exercises, the team members must be able to see that the same actions repeated will lead to the same results. Accountability is the process of taking responsibility that the actions are the same each time. If the team development exercise does not yield the same result each time, then accountability exercises help to determine where the difference in procedure happened. It is assumed that defining where the procedures changed will result in a rethinking of areas where improvements can still be made. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: