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Health Baby care items need to be the purest and mildest of all to protect your little one from harsh weather conditions and pollution. Never try regular synthetic products on your baby. The chemical and artificial preservative content in these products can damage your babys soft skin to a great extent. So why take a risk? Natural products prepared from various herbs, fruit, plant and flower extracts are best suited for your baby. Among natural baby care products, baby powder is a popular skincare item. It keeps your baby cool and happy without any adverse effect on skin. Although there are various good herbal brands available in the market today, Sweet Bum Bum Naturals natural powder for babies is something you can count on and too good to be missed. Its handpicked natural and purest ingredients are guaranteed to gift your tot with a soft, smooth and silky skin. The product is 100% safe on your baby maintaining skin elasticity and nurturing skin from within. There are no artificial and potentially harmful ingredients, scents or chemicals mixed up. Lets see what the key ingredients of this natural powder are: Arrowroot powder Organic lavender Organic calendula White clay or Kaolin clay pure corn starch In the initial stages, nappy rashes are quite .mon for a newborn. However, there is nothing to panic. Natural powders for your baby are just great to relieve these nappy rashes, itches, dry skin and any other skin condition. The soft velvety natural texture of natural powders is a delight to use. The mellow natural scent is alluring. Sprinkle a little powder lightly on your baby before or after bath or any other time of the day. Soft, pH-balanced, refreshing and non-irritating, the natural powder from Sweet Bum Bum is guaranteed to keep your babys delicate and silky smooth skin in perfect condition. The powder retains natural moisture and oil of skin and absorbs excess ones giving skin a natural glossy finish. Apart from whole body, you can use this natural baby powder on the diaper area for a dry and cheerful feeling day long. The best thing about this powder is that it is free from talc and harmful chemicals. The powders are pediatrician-tested, suitable for babies of all ages. Baby powders also work great as baby shower gifts. So why not try one for your sweet one today? Give your baby the best gift of nature! Thus, absolutely pure herbal baby powder is one of the inevitable essentials needed for overall baby skin care . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: