China Spring Festival is approaching the low liquidity of international oil prices Asian market stea-下北glory days

China Spring Festival is approaching the low liquidity of international oil prices were steady in FX168 sub city international crude oil futures prices on Friday (February 5th) the beginning of the Asian market is almost flat, because Spring Festival is approaching Chinese cause market liquidity is low. Oil prices have dropped by more than 2% from a high in Thursday (February 4th) due to uncertainties in oil producer reductions. U.S. crude oil (WTI) futures rose 0.19% on Friday, to $31.78 barrel; Brent crude futures rose 0.28%, to $34.49 barrel. The two are almost the same as the previous day’s closing price, and traders say the liquidity is low because of the upcoming Spring Festival holiday. Most of the time this week, oil price volatility is very fierce, because of favorable factors and bad factors to launch a fierce game. The positive factors include the dollar index fell, the main oil producing countries to support oil prices could cut negotiations; negative factors include record U.S. crude oil inventories and production related reports as well as the global economy slowed further. However, as long as the producers have failed to yield consensus, plus Chinese slowdown seems to have signs of spread to the world, the prospects for the overall oil market is still in bad shape. An official in Iran was previously quoted as saying that Iran supports the convening of meetings, lit they may take action to support oil prices of hope, although the market are generally skeptical. Any vital production agreement might be reached in the Iranian, because all the signs, the country’s determination in the sanctions after the cancellation of production to regain market share. Venezuelan oil minister Pino said he and Eulogio del, Qatar oil had a "good and fruitful talks, but did not provide details of the talks. Qatar is the rotating president of OPEC in 2016. Del Pino also sees Oman oil, and the latter reaffirms its support for Venezuela’s actions to stabilize the market." Marex Spectron, a commodities broker, said, "despite the record crude oil production, the demand for deliveries remains disappointing. At present, the macroeconomic environment is poor, the global industrial production, manufacturing and automotive demand indicators are weak demand." Oil prices have plummeted by 75% since the middle of 2014, and oil prices have continued to depress the profitability of large oil companies. Earlier this week, the world’s largest oil company Exxon Mobil announced more than 10 years minimum quarterly profit, British Petroleum (BP) said that in 2015 the biggest loss ever recorded. Proofing: Mac goes into Sina Finance shares

中国春节假期临近流动性偏低 国际油价亚市基本持稳   FX168讯 国际原油期货价格周五(2月5日)亚市盘初基本持稳,因中国春节假期临近导致市场流动性偏低。周四(2月4日)由于产油国减产磋商仍存在不确定性,油价曾从高位回落逾2%。   美原油(WTI)期货周五上涨0.19%,报31.78美元 桶;布伦特原油期货上涨0.28%,报34.49美元 桶。两者与上日收盘价基本持平,交易商称流动性较低,因为即将迎来春节长假。   本周大部分时间油价波动都十分剧烈,因利好因素与利空因素展开激烈博弈。利好因素包括美元指数下跌、主要产油国为支撑油价可能进行的减产谈判等;利空因素则包括美国创纪录的原油库存、增产相关报导以及全球经济进一步放缓。   然而,只要产油国未能就产量达成一致,再加上中国经济放缓之势似有向世界蔓延的迹象,油市总体前景依然不妙。   此前伊朗的一位官员被引述称,伊朗支持召开会议,点燃了他们可能采取行动支撑油价的希望,尽管市场对此普遍持怀疑态度。   伊朗在可能达成的任何减产协议中的作用至关重要,因种种迹象显示,该国决心在制裁取消后增产以夺回失去的市场份额。   委内瑞拉石油部长Eulogio del Pino称,他与卡塔尔油长进行了“良好和富有成果的”会谈,但没有提供会谈细节。卡塔尔是2016年OPEC轮值主席国。 del Pino还会见了阿曼油长,后者“重申支持委内瑞拉为稳定市场采取的行动。”   大宗商品经纪Marex Spectron称,“尽管原油生产创纪录,发货需求情况仍令人失望。目前宏观经济环境不佳,全球工业生产、制造业和汽车需求指标均表明需求疲软。”   油价自2014年年中以来因供应过剩暴跌75%,油价的下跌持续打压大型石油公司的获利。   本周稍早,全球最大的石油公司艾克森美孚宣布了逾10年来最小的季度获利,英国石油公司(BP)称2015年录得史上最大亏损。   校对:Mac 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: