Fushun hundreds of people due to the malicious call 110 was sentenced to administrative detention (v-headache怎么读�

Fushun hundreds of people because of malicious call 110 were detained in administrative punishment, "I want to buy a plane, you see what kind of good?"" "My wife wants to eat wonton, you help me buy a bowl of wonton sent to my daughter-in-law."." Emergency response center in Fushun City, 110 desk every day to receive nearly 1000 phone, but with such a large number of invalid information, since this year, more than 100 people have been punished by the malicious call 110. At the beginning of August this year, Fushun City, a woman call 110 phone, claiming "I kill your husband, fast catch him!". The police immediately deployed police on-site investigation, the results arrived and found the woman just want to quarrel with her husband, a false police report the "lessons learned" her husband. Afterwards, the woman was detained by the police for false police reporting. In September this year, 110 alarm service station received a phone call, the other said home was a thief, after receiving the alarm, the police station near the police immediately rushed to the scene. The police to the scene and found a man standing in front of your house to see the police arrived, the alarm call is hit the man said, and admit false police report. "I just forgot my home key. I didn’t mean to find the police. I wanted you to open the door for me and say you were a thief, so you can come quickly." Finally, the man was warned by the police. 110 desk staff, staff of the service station for every connection of the huge amount of service station every day to receive thousands of alarm calls, which is filled with a lot of similar invalid or even malicious call, serious waste of public resources. "Some call said he would buy the plane, some say their daughter-in-law to eat wonton let us go, and even call not to talk on the phone Le, the malicious call alarm call can always meet." The staff, this year, there are more than 100 people because of repeatedly malicious call 110 phone calls were warned or administrative detention punishment. Police remind the general public: the provisions of the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" twenty-third Article 1 of the public security organs, disrupting the normal work order, warning or a fine of two hundred yuan; if the circumstances are serious, following more than five days to ten days detention, may impose a fine of five hundred yuan. 110 alarm platform & #8212; & #8212; not malicious nuisance alarm occupy others "help line" > > > more news Shenyang Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee announced the appointment and dismissal of cadres list [come to Shen Teng and Ma Li fans meeting in Shenyang, together with a photo, signature poster! Pay attention to "the Daliaohe net" WeChat (txdaliao), reply "fun twist" understand and participate in activities, free places for you to grab! ]

抚顺百余人因恶意拨打110 被处行政拘留处罚“我想买个飞机,你看买什么样的好啊?”“我媳妇要吃馄饨,你们帮我买碗馄饨给我媳妇送去吧。”抚顺市应急救援联动中心110报警服务台每天能接到近千个电话,但其中充斥着这种大量无效信息,今年以来,已有100多人恶意拨打110报警电话被处罚。 今年8月初,抚顺市一名女子拨打110报警电话,声称“我丈夫杀人了,你们快来抓他!”。警方立刻调派警力上门调查,结果赶到后发现,女子只是与丈夫吵架,一怒之下想以报假警的方式“教训教训”自己的丈夫。事后,该女子因报假警被警方行政拘留。今年9月,110报警服务台接到电话,对方称家里遭贼,接到报警后,附近的派出所民警马上赶到现场。结果到现场后民警发现,一名男子站在自己家门口,看到民警赶到,男子表示报警电话是自己打的,并且承认自己报了假警。“我就是忘带家钥匙了,不是说有困难找警察嘛,想让你们帮我把门打开,说遭贼了合计你们能来得快点。”最后该男子被警方警告。110报警服务台的工作人员介绍,每天服务台的接线员工作量巨大,服务台每天要接到上千个报警求助电话,其中充斥着大量类似的无效甚至恶意电话,严重浪费公共资源。“有的打电话说他要买飞机,有的说自己媳妇要吃馄饨让我们去送,甚至还有打电话过来不说话就对着电话乐的,这种恶意拨打报警电话的情况总能遇到。”该工作人员介绍,今年以来,已有100多位市民因多次恶意拨打110报警电话被处以警告或行政拘留的处罚。警方提醒广大市民:《治安管理处罚法》第23条1项的规定,妨害了公安机关正常的工作秩序,处警告或者二百元以下罚款;情节较重的,处五日以上十日以下拘留,可以并处五百元以下罚款。 110报警平台——勿恶意滋扰报警占用他人“救命线” >>>更多新闻沈阳市人大常委会公布干部任免名单 【快来沈腾、马丽的沈阳粉丝见面会,一起合影、拿签名海报!关注“大辽网”微信(txdaliao),回复“开心麻花”了解活动并参加,免费名额等你抢!】相关的主题文章: