Ningbo made a cow ambulance can receive 4 patients at a time-pp点点通2006

Ningbo made a cow ambulance can receive a 4 patient ambulance emergency critical patients to get treatment for the first time in the car, carrying the hope of life. Ningbo, a company that will be transformed into a driving force to create a professional, safe, reliable and intelligent ambulance. These days, third all terrain off-road ambulance debugging completed. The car has reached the advanced level of European manufacturing technology, is the world’s first automatic stretcher lift system with an ambulance." Guo Jun, deputy manager of the company’s technical department yesterday told reporters. The car equipped with the German imported medical cabin, the medical cabin with ICU forward function, pulse oximeter, defibrillation pacing monitor, fracture fixation, recovery capsule, first aid kits and other medical facilities, can provide patients with pre hospital care professional. Technical staff will also be interactive video surveillance, command and control systems, emergency management and emergency management of emergency equipment and other intelligent equipment installed in the car. The ambulance is equipped with 4 sets of automatic lifting stretcher, one can receive 4 patients, each stretcher platform maximum bearing capacity up to 125 kg, the stretcher with automatic recognition function. This car all terrain ambulances for earthquake, flood, waterlogging, mudslides, desert and other adverse geological conditions and frequent natural disasters in the region.相关的主题文章: