Following SF, Jingdong, China Post also began testing UAV delivery-乃々果花

The SF, Jingdong, Chinese post also began testing UAV delivery after we wrote, many large companies are interested in the development of UAV delivery ", such as Google, Amazon, DHL, sf. Recently, China Post also joined the camp, began to test the UAV delivery package. It chose Zhejiang Anji a village of new business test, the UAV loading is more than a dozen newspapers, took off from the local basketball court Hanggai town government, reaching seven village, which lasted 15 minutes. Choose this test, the reason is that the seven tube is located in Zhejiang, Anhui, the junction of the two provinces, the geographical environment is more complex, from the town car took over half an hour. According to estimates, the UAV for automobile transportation, artificial delivery, not only save time, delivery costs per kilogram as long as 3 yuan, the transportation cost savings of nearly 50%. Compared to the city, China Post believes that UAV delivery is more suitable for the use of a single point of goods less, the high cost of traditional logistics in remote rural areas. They have applied for 3 flights in Anji 10-20 km of logistics routes, will be carried out for 3 months of trial operation, according to the actual situation to further promote. In the scope of the application, other companies have similar views. Such as SF, from 2015 onwards, began in the Pearl River Delta area, remote villages, with flight density 500 vehicles per day, to promote their own UAV delivery service. Jingdong unmanned trial operation is selected in the village of Jiangsu, Suqian. And said back to China Post, the use of UAVs by the Hangzhou fast ant Network Technology Co., Ltd., said to be able to load up to 5 kg, the maximum mileage of 20 km. It is understood that the company was established in 2015, the main business for the UAV logistics and cloud services, in April this year to get nine from the venture capital of millions of angel round of financing. Jie Yan Chinese post will use fast ant UAV development speed system, the mobile phone will be installed on the courier related APP, used to set the start points of flight and manipulation of UAV’s takeoff and landing, and the flight of UAV camera on the back of real-time images to help monitor the whole process. The use of the UAV delivery seems cool, but it seems that with a little too hot to catch up. Tencent science and technology opened almost know the agency account! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you.相关的主题文章: