The translation of Shakespeare stage plan the first works of Henry V in the world premiere of Beijin-索尼a350

"The translation of Shakespeare stage plan" the first works of "Henry V" world premiere in Shanghai – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, November 11 (Wang Ji) by the Royal Shakespeare company and the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center jointly presented the Chinese version of "Henry V" on the evening of 11 in Shanghai to the world premiere, the play is also "the translation of Shakespeare stage plan" of the first works. "The translation of Shakespeare stage plan" by Britain’s most influential company — one of the Royal Shakespeare company launched to create suitable for actors, stage rehearsal easy to the audience Chinese Shakespeare translation. Signed at the end of the 2015 "international reception cum cultural cooperation projects ceremony", the Shanghai performing arts group and the Royal Shakespeare company signed a strategic cooperation project, the next 8 years, the national authority Chinese version of the British playwright Shakespeare’s 37 plays will be launched in the Chinese, first translated script that night Premiere Chinese version of "Henry V". "Henry V" according to Shakespeare is the Lancastrian king Henry V of England’s famous historical drama creation in 1599, described during the hundred years war the battle of agincourt. Chinese version of "Henry V" director OwenHorsley in an interview with News Agency reporters explained, taking into account the "Henry V" is Shakespeare’s only novel bilingual works, what kind of language expression of bilingual concept has become a big challenge in the translation process, the key is to allow "the play looks can, to make the two languages apart, I designed to retain a part of the French, English is translated into Chinese." "In Shakespeare’s original play, (" Henry V ") there is a scene is several captain are English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh, their feeling is not the same. So during the rehearsal, we asked the Chinese actors to use their own home accent, and we found that the results were good, so we kept it." OwenHorsley says. In addition, the ingenious idea arena rotation to achieve "through the huge cube transition, but also the audience shouted" full of ideas". Chinese version of "Henry V" will be staged in the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center – November 27th. (end)相关的主题文章: