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Yao Ming said never want to into the hall of fame was behind the shark is the best rival Sohu sports   September 9th Beijing time, according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that in an interview, Yao Ming said that he had never thought to be selected NBA Hall of fame, while Shaquille O’neal, Yao Ming is probably the strongest opponent of his occupation career. In the NBA Hall of fame ceremony will be held on Saturday, Yao Ming as one of the candidates, he seemed very excited. In Yao Ming seems, in the hall of fame itself is very small". "When I first walked into the hall of fame, I felt very small," Yao Ming said. "I don’t know if O’neal would agree. I feel so small when I see those pictures on my head. I also see my photos there. With all those pictures, I can’t stop myself from thinking that way." In addition to Yao Ming, like Iverson and O’neal, who are also in the hall of fame. In his NBA career, O’neal and Yao Ming have had many counterpoint, in the eyes of O’neal, Yao Ming may be the strongest opponent of his career. "Yao Ming is a good player, can be said to be the one and only," O’neal said, "no one can cover my shot. Yao Ming and I first confrontation, he blocked me three times. I was very angry and ready for a dunk. But you can’t stop Yao Ming. You need to stand in front of him. He may be the most difficult opponent I have ever met. I’m happy for Yao Ming and happy for China, that’s probably my favorite place." Although now has been inducted into the hall of fame, but in Yao Ming’s view, it seems that some surreal, he said he never thought to be able to accomplish this feat. "I haven’t had a chance to walk around, but I’ve heard it’s been here for years," Yao Ming said." In addition, Yao Ming also said that with the inclusion of O’neal is really very good, after all, the two men on the pitch had played many times. "The first time I played against O’neal was in Houston, which attracted a lot of attention," said Yao Ming. "I’ve heard how good he is, but you won’t know until you fight him. I was so excited and happy. He was a competitor on the pitch and he kept us going." (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章: