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From small workshop to the world’s top three! The Fujian maxed circle of friends of the United States is the world big automobile manufacturing, automobile glass can be less? The king of glass was in Fujian, he sold the car to the world. He recently took $1 billion in the United States to do a world’s largest single car glass factory, not only to solve the employment of more than 2 thousand people in the next year, but also to earn $two hundred million in the United states. This is the world’s Fujian enterprises, how to make a lot of money in the United States? Recently, a reporter from the "Washington Post" followed Cao Dewang into the Dayton Fuyao factory, all kinds of dismantling the coup. The world’s largest single piece of automotive glass factory started in Central America, Dayton, Ohio, many years have not been so lively. The United States on October 7th, political leaders, celebrities gathered for a Fujian’s arrival. Cao Dewang, chairman of Fuyao Group, Chinese automotive glass field legendary. In 2014, he invested $four hundred million to start the construction of the plant in the United States, which is the world’s largest single car glass manufacturing plant. The production capacity of the factory is 4 million 500 thousand sets of automotive glass, vehicle glass, the maintenance of the 4 million pieces of glass used in the market. Currently, he plans to invest $one billion in the United States, next year plans to earn $two hundred million in the United states. "Here the production of glass, representing the world’s most advanced automotive glass manufacturing technology. Whether it is technology or project management, have to be strict or even critical eye. In 2015, the total market share of the new car and maintenance market was close to 100 million, of which more than 23 million vehicles were assembled. Fuyao is now a leading manufacturer in France and Saint Gobain, Asahi par. The Fujian enterprises only forty years, from an unknown small enterprise, among the world’s top three legend, is from the "Washington Post" reporters are most interested in. Cao Dewang led her into the factory. Production line is the best place to know the secret of business. Automatic chemical plant, Cao Dewang participated in the design. Venture forty years, Cao Dewang only do the car glass this thing. Here all production lines, through years of technology accumulation, independent research and development design. "Cao Dewang told reporters while walking, a person’s success should learn a word: confidence, you can be confident, be successful. How to cultivate confidence? As long as you concentrate on doing one thing, do fine do strong. This is the twenty-eighth time that Cao Dewang has come to the United States to see the new factory. Would come and say hello to him. The figure shook hands with Cao Dewang, is the earliest factory recruitment of a number of employees, he said, when announced to Dayton Fuyao when it became the news headlines. "Means" to improve the efficiency of artificial GM closing Dayton factory, more than 4 thousand workers are facing unemployment, it bought the old plant Fuyao transformation, all move in. Now there are more than 2 thousand local workers working here. The factory is the need of the time, but they had to be very careful in reckoning Cao Dewang. This is the factory – training for new employees, the factory has just completed, the order has been full, Cao Dewang revealed, according to the current production line, the order has been;相关的主题文章: