In addition to the little red car Hangzhou Street will be a number of small gray car and small yello-霍金hawking

In addition to the red car to the streets of Hangzhou for another batch of small gray cars and small yellow car in a few days, the streets of Hangzhou, there will be a car bicycle tire is used in gray, eye-catching blue green. As long as the public to download a App, to fill the 200 yuan deposit can borrow a car, sesame credit more than 750 minutes can be free of deposit, the rent is $0.5 per half hour. This is the Hangzhou science and technology new chant ride bicycle sharing project, is expected within a short period of Hangzhou city on the 100 thousand units, and by the end of 2015, the number of public bicycles in Hangzhou is 81 thousand and 400. Almost overnight, the sharing of bicycles has become the latest spokesperson for the shared economy. In a chant before "small yellow car" ofo has entered the campus of Zhejiang University, v-mobile bicycle blew up a orange in the north of Guangzhou City (a color) cyclone. Maybe not long, the streets of Hangzhou will be a variety of colors to share a bike. To become the bicycle industry reached Uber in the shared bicycle industry before, riding team chant played a leading role in nearly 200 City, 30 million members of the national public bicycle rental project Internet scan code, understand the operation of public bicycle system. And public bicycle user contact, riding Bai founder Zhou Hai has also received a lot of "pain points", for example, many people think their regional bicycle daily activities are not enough, or often have no position to return the car, which makes him feel that there is still a chance. Compared with riding a chant in Hangzhou where the ofo and the birth of Beijing, Shanghai Mobell two city and there is no mature public bicycle system, especially the ofo market focus, college students have a rigid demand for short distance transport, so the two entrepreneurial team developed very quickly and obtained the capital bigwigs pursued. PK public bicycle bike sharing the advantages and disadvantages are obvious from the convenience, public bike and bike sharing be roughly the same. Hangzhou public bicycle ride card, chanting and by scan code Mobell, ofo need to get a "electronic key" through the mobile phone, to open the specified vehicle lock, generally only takes a few seconds. The difference is that when you return the car to stop public bicycle to pile shed, with no other shared single pile model, but needs and school or public management consultation, set aside special parking area on the ground. If the future parking lot, the car is also more convenient than the public bike. Zhou Hai has revealed that riding a bicycle. After 1 years development 3 months of debugging, using explosion-proof tires, and installed on the positioning system is convenient for users to find the car, and the 2 version of the chain transmission, guarantee five years without manual maintenance. In terms of charges, because the public bicycle belongs to the government to promote urban transport infrastructure, the price is very cheap. Hangzhou public bicycle implementation of the subsection charge, free within 1 hours, 1-2 hours only charge 1 yuan. Mobell bicycle per hour to spend 1 yuan, 0.5 yuan to ride. There are two kinds of valuation of ofo, according to the minimum time of $0.01 per minute, count down to $0.6 per hour, according to the minimum mileage fee of $0.04 per kilometer. Single single maximum 2 yuan on campus. In addition, the sharing of the deposit can be operated on the mobile phone, unlike the public.相关的主题文章: