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The most stringent national test held today newspaper and admitted: "officer" is different from the number of applicants rebound this year an average of 55 people competing for 1 positions at 9 this morning, the 2017 year of the written exam will be open in the capital city of the country and the individual large city at the same time. This morning 9 points to 11 points, "the administration occupation ability test" subjects, "Shanghai" subjects at 14 points to 17 points in the exam. This year’s exam, a total of more than and 120 central organs and institutions directly under the management of the civil service law and unit plan recruiting more than 2.7 people, the number of recruiting plan and in 2016 was flat. From the registration situation, according to the national civil service bureau bulletin, the national examination registration, a total of 1 million 486 thousand and 300 people through the qualification examination by the employer, an increase of 91 thousand and 700 compared with 1 million 394 thousand and 600 last year, an increase of 6.58%. From the point of view in recruiting more than, candidates, with an average of 55 people competing for 1 positions. How many people are going to take the exam? In the end how many candidates into the examination room? Expected or less than 1 million 480 thousand people. Over the years the country test, there are many candidates to choose to give up the final exam. According to the statistics of the public education, the 2014 annual national examination disposable test number of more than 400 thousand people, the 2015 annual national examination disposable test number as high as more than 50 people, the 2016 annual national examination over 460 thousand people have abandoned the test. On the eve of this year’s exams, Peng Zhongbao, deputy director of the division of the civil service bureau examination said in a media interview, in recent years, the central organs and institutions directly under the civil service recruitment registration through the qualification of the number and the number of recruiting plans than the average in 50 – 70. From the situation in recent years, the number of examinations at around 1 million, enrollment and examination of some number of years increase tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years to reduce some, all belong to the normal range of floating, it is difficult to use more heat or cooling, cooling or warming to describe." Peng Zhongbao said. The central position of "one in a million, the national examination, the most competitive position for the NLD central office reception director and following a post. According to statistics, as of the end of the first half of the registration, the post competition ratio reached 9837:1, the heat of competition has been more than 2013 annual national examination of the hottest jobs 9411:1, a record high. Wake up, admitted to the civil service and when the "official" is totally different from the media perspective, the civil service exam is a very valuable social activity, easily lead to psychological fluctuations in public. Although when the civil service does not mean that officials will be able to, but the public is often equated with civil servants and officials, national examination also let ordinary people flow to a higher social class the opportunity for some people, this process contains a similar "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju" drama. This also reflects the Chinese people’s mind "official" and "people", the identity of a world of difference. Civil service examination also has public. Compared with western society, the role of Chinese officials in social governance is more important. What is the "parent", about a people’s well-being. Therefore, the public is particularly concerned about what kind of person was elected to the power sector. Civil service examinations are provided to the media and the general public a kind of "official"相关的主题文章: