The U.S. – a small German for ten consecutive years to advance to the semi-finals. Loose gajin injur-霍金hawking

The U.S. – a small German for ten consecutive years to advance to the semi-finals. Loose gajin injury to retire Djokovic for ten consecutive years into the US Open semi-finals opponent Djokovic easily cut to send a gift out of the race in the top 16 Tencent in September 7th sports this morning, in the 2016 U.S. Open the ninth day of competition, the men’s singles world first Djokovic top two disc 6-3, 6-2 lead, third disc Tsonga accident drew back the match into the semi-finals, the people of Serbia. It is worth mentioning that this is also a small German us open semi-finals qualify for the ten consecutive year. The next round, Djokovic will enter the US Open semi-finals and career first Frenchman Monfils for a place in the final. The focus of competition since 2007 scored his first Grand Slam final, Djokovic also never fell on the outside of the door open. The top seed in the tournament have two games are good luck and success in life, the face of the opponent out of the race, save a lot of energy. Judging from the performance of the other two games, he did not hurt the injury is still the number one favorite. Tsonga qualify for the second consecutive year the US Open quarterfinals, France has a good competitive Ali in the hard ground. Two people had had as many as 21 times to fight, Djokovic won the second victory in the past two years, the two did not lose a fight against the 15. Technical statistics from the technical statistics after the game, Djokovic’s greatest advantage lies in the service, the audience his scoring rate as high as 83%. In contrast, a rival Tsonga success rate is 70%, each plate of the key moment was Djokovic to serve directly to break serve. Small German today second service scoring rate is still 57%, while the opponent is only about $28%. In unforced errors, only two game Tsonga there 36 times, than Djokovic for more than three times! Project Djokovic (Serbia) Tsonga (France) ACE ball double error scoring rate 83%70% two scoring rate 57%28% winning points to break the success rate of 49 (44%) 12 (50%) highlights the first game before the 4 game, the two sides issued their own security at 2-2. The fifth game, Djokovic ball net 30-40, ushered in the opportunity to break the key moment of Tsonga, Tsonga into the net, a small German near misses Baofa, 3-2. The sixth game, serve for Tsonga two double faults to break, the small German 4-2. Then a broken back up into the Tsonga opponent, 4-3. The world’s first quickly in the eighth inning break again, Djokovic backhand hit ball, playing the ball before the Internet Tsonga nets, 5-3. Djokovic serving dish bureau to get ahead of the two count, because Tsonga into the net, the small German 6-3 xianbatouchou. Two times before the game disc 1-1, third small German force again, Tsonga netted a backhand, Djokovic complete break, then after the hair is already leading 3-1. Then the two sides into a stalemate again issued their own security, 4-2. The seventh game, two people serve Tsonga fierce, three times 40-40, the final ball hit the ball out of direct Internet Tsonga, Djokovic break 5-2 lead. The eighth game, the small German usher serving dish Bureau strong straight 4 points to win the two set, 6-2. The third game, as fans expect Tsonga play staged a reversal, he decided to quit the game,.相关的主题文章: