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Harvard Curve Wrecker "Crazy" social activities behind Sohu Jiang teacher: American high school education for independent senior consultant; IECA (American Association of independent education consultant) member, 2015 ISACS (Central American Association of independent schools) the annual meeting guest speaker; first financial "Warring States", "Shanghai foreign language channel overseas Passepartout" the guest. I heard that a few years ago in China out of a best-selling book, called "Harvard" at half past four in the morning, many people told me about this book, it has a circle of friends have also been reproduced, the achievements of the classic chicken soup. There are a lot of people confirm to me, at the Harvard Business School at half past four, this is really a pinching, Studuy scene? Curve Wrecker are really affected by the wall a inspirational motto of incentive, books have become crazy social elite? Harvard has no one to chew on the books in the wee hours of the morning. In fact, at Harvard Business School for the past two years, I didn’t go to Harvard’s MBA at half past four. All the library of Harvard College, seems to have only one is opened twenty-four hours a day, I want to be so many students have to squeeze in all through the night to read, I believe it is difficult to accommodate. So some people may ask: so Harvard students do not stay up late? If you are not so diligent and can become a social figure, you really rely on talent In fact, I want to say, Harvard students are staying up late, but not through a book or a pure theory, but to study and achieve more meaningful things. For Harvard undergraduates, because not to enter the workplace, many people do spend a lot of time in reading and doing homework, but more because they are doing some stay ahead of the self-study, some in doing research interest, some in social practice and extracurricular activities, there are very few people have even to start their own business projects, is to burnish their products form day and night. Why do college students in the United States tend to get along well with the society, and that they are able to apply their skills to the society and the enterprise? Because in the United States, you can not rely on rote is to find a good job, can not rely on the fight a lone battle to solve a big problem, but can not rely on a perfect answer to change the world. What you need is the ability of independent thinking and judgment, do not blindly follow the views of others, even dare to challenge authority, the pursuit of a more correct answer; you need is outstanding leadership and teamwork ability, often to dispute with others, collision and running in order to acquire those skills and make them become a part of their own. What is the "Crazy" social activity of Harvard students for Harvard Business School Students, if they don’t go to bed at half past four, it’s likely to be a night of drinking. But don’t get me wrong, probably just attended a school of social activities, with friends and classmates Brief Encounter long into the early morning, and drink a cup of social activities in the United States are accustomed to things, is also a kind of social etiquette, not what people will drink to drink completely drunken. My one harvard:相关的主题文章: