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"My war" propaganda film was awarded the industry: the concept of rigid – Sohu culture channel reporter (reporter Yuan Yuner Intern Yang Fan) movie "my war" in the exposure before the release of a controversial film. The film was released in September 7th, "our war", was a criticism of friends, yesterday is the culmination. The film by Liu Jiang, Wang Tiecheng and other 24 old artists. In the film, the old artists to form a sunset red tour to travel to Seoul, South Korea tour guide in the car warm greetings, and welcome to Seoul for the first time. Who heard the old man was very excited to say that he was not the first time to Seoul, the tour guide will be a little wonder. The old man then has said: "we were backstage!" "We were even steel!" "We didn’t need a passport when we came here!" "When we came to Seoul!" "We were carrying a red flag into Seoul!" The tour guide face confusion, old people about the war years to her, and recommended the film "my war". "You sing the praises of volunteers in the Korean war exploits, the self play but you no ground for blame, since hi also on the line, why do we have to pull the Koreans to join your patriotic performance? Is playing a small tour of South Korean drama, and the bottom line?" Netizen "history teacher Wang Sanshi" in the title "do not" patriotic "without the bottom line of the article, the wording is very intense. This article also triggered a large number of users forwarding. An old piece of the film plot basically from the internet. However, the original piece, the volunteer veterans because they were difficult to be South Korea’s customs counter, but in the film, the image of the South Korean tour guides youth gentle, old people’s attitude seemed unreasonable, swagger before others. Some netizens pointed out that volunteers veterans will not be filled with a smile to say that, no matter what the Warring States, the war is full of pain and disaster, not to show off. Professor Yin Hong, Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication, said the film caused a great disturbance, on one hand, the humane spirit and historical materialism has become public knowledge, on the other hand also shows that the concept of rigid film publicity. He also explained that the theme of the film and the film is actually a difference, Liu Heng’s script is a cruel war and the test of human nature". "My war" director Peng Shun at the premiere yesterday reluctantly said that he was also concerned about the online discussion on the hype of the film, "I did not shoot the film, in fact, I am just an audience. I think the problem is not the internal film Promo starting point, shoot the film director also revealed that the idea came from the spread of the Internet before long piece, but he did not expect such a big response." He admitted that, as a director, try to make this film is the most concerned about their own.相关的主题文章: