The police to divert traffic sudden landslides into more than 30 meters deep ravine in Beijing-步步高i606

The police to divert traffic sudden landslides into more than 30 meters deep ravine – Beijing Zheng Pinyan visit Lin Qiudi. September 29th Fuzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Guo Lifeng Sun Xingfengwen photo) yesterday morning, Changle City Luo Lian Xiang Da Ping Cun to Ma Tai Cun Village Road, the two side mountain sudden landslide, is to ease the traffic police and the Police Association Lin Qiudi Zheng Pinyan into more than 30 meters deep ravine. Zheng Pinyan facial abrasions, himself from the ravine climb up the road; Lin Qiudi was injured in a coma, after being rushed to hospital, the doctor diagnosed lumbar fracture, pulmonary contusion, currently stable vital signs. At noon yesterday, in Changle city hospital, the reporter saw the injured Lin Qiudi when he was lying on the bed, there are a few abrasions on the face, nose stuck oxygen tube, after she has regained consciousness, but due to severe injuries, it is difficult to speak. Fortunately, the 3 cars were promptly opened Lin Qiudi, otherwise it will encounter danger." Mention of the incident scene, police station director Luo Lian pan show ambition fear. He said yesterday at 9:16 PM, police received a report of danger, and the village of Taiwan between a village village road, landslides, debris covered half of the village. After receiving the report, Pan Xiuxiong and other 6 people driving immediately rushed to the scene. The landslide site width less than 10 meters, on the left side of the mountain, there are rocks flying continuously, on the right is more than 30 meters deep slope. The left lane has been slipping down the hillside debris flooded, only the right lane to traffic. 6 people immediately for emergency treatment: triage vehicles pedestrians, pull up the cordon, set warning signs, regardless of the imminent danger. Just to divert 3 cars left, Pan Xiuxiong suddenly heard the "wow" sound, the mountain landslide occurred two times, at both ends of road guide 4 vehicles narrowly avoided. He looked back and saw mixed with gravel in the Loess sloped down, police and the Police Association Lin Qiudi Zheng Pinyan but disappeared. Just when everyone was anxious to find, Zheng Pinyan climbed up from the bottom of the road. They learned that Lin Qiudi was rushed down the gully debris flow. Town and village cadres, the police rushed to rescue more than and 20 people immediately next to the valley, along the landslide edge search. On the road below 30 meters deep ravine, rescuers found Lin Qiudi. When he was found, he leaned against a big tree, covered with mud, and he was unconscious. Rescue workers with a stretcher to lift it onto the road, rushed to the hospital in Changle. "I want to climb out through the soil, autumn Di, but did not find one, then grabbed the trees on the hillside to climb up." According to Zheng Pinyan introduction, before the incident, he and Lin Qiudi were only five or six meters away, two people just in command of the 3 car was ordered to leave, pouring down the Loess pushed down the ravine. The reporter learned from Changle City Public Security Bureau, Lin Qiudi, born in November 1975, three police inspector, due to the excellent work, two has been named the outstanding civil servants of Changle City, two times by the Changle Municipal Public Security Bureau awarded individual awards.相关的主题文章: